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bikoshMy very first short movie

This was a goal that I didn’t dare to write, yet I just made it last week. I don’t really remember how exactly I came up with an idea to make a stop motion animation.
Just wanted to give something special for my niece’s first birthday who lives half-globe away from me.
It took about two days to create it, but the process to explore and plot the ideas took about more than a week. The whole process was really fun, I enjoyed and got very excited though I did everything by myself.
The result was satisfying. I felt accomplished and kinda proud of myself that I can bring my ideas to life.

Now can I say.. I proudly present my stop motion animation:

It boosted my courage and confidence to make another one or two.. we’ll see :) 6 months ago

chRistoCreative, challenging and yet possible!

This goal for me is complex.

I’ve made 1 movie already, it is a 1-hour travel documentary of footage (video + photos) of a trip I took to Africa in 2009.

The story I aspire to make needs to either be written or found. I want to create a
(non-documentary) movie because inserting subtle elements within pictures in motion in intriguing to me. I think I have a good mind + eye to create and capture what I envision into a video format.

I enjoy photography, and this medium greatly expands upon my photographic skills and enjoyment. 13 months ago

LucasParkMake A Movie

I’m a teen and I have a couple of ideas for a movie. 13 months ago

blackflierMy goal

It’s not going to be a real movie, but something of a 10 minute short. It will look good, and all the music must be selfplayed or composed. It will also have some kind of story instead of pretty images added to music. 20 months ago


I did a short movie (30 min) and that was a nightmare, but the results turned out preaty good, so for some crasy reasons, I still want to do this 21 months ago

heazynShort movie

I’ve done two short movies with friends, it was really fun! Not perhaps what I had in mind when I added this goal, but this counts more than well since I had alot of fun shooting, directing and editing! 21 months ago

BenMillionMake a Movie

I have always been interested in making a movie and played with video here and there but never became fully committed. Now I am jumping in, albeit fairly late in my life, but having fun with the process. 22 months ago

Alejandro74I had the Premiere of my 20 minute featurette in December

So I finished my Directing program and a 20 minute featurette that I premiered in Long Beach in December. 200 people came to the Premiere and it had a good reception.
I’m submitting it to festivals now and starting working on an experimental short and the last rewrite of my feature film. 2 years ago

Ron SmithAlas, it may be too late.

I’ve recently been thinking about the story I want to tell. Originally, I thought it would be best to tell it through movies, but as my planning has continued, it has become increasingly more complicated and involved a project. While I still believe some of it could be told through movies, I am more inclined to believe the bulk of it can only be told through books (or rather, I may only have enough time in my life to tell it through books, assuming I get my act together and start writing). 2 years ago


I’ll probably start planning this in a year or two. 2 years ago

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