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I read another! Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala. 2 months ago


I’ve read 3 books by Haruki Murakami so far. Lately haven’t been reading… 2 months ago

Snicker_Imp2014 Year of the Book Worm

I think I’m ready. I asked everyone for bookstore gift cards this year and my friends and family really came through. Now I have books and means to get more books I have to come up with a plan.
1. Turn off the televsion and most of all the computer.
2. Find a nice space to read without being disturbed. 3 months ago


8/14/2013 – Currently reading #90 8 months ago

LeemyluIt Begins ^_^

Just finished The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. I didn’t like much of the last third of it for whatever reason. Bored maybe. But the epilogue, especially the last line, made me happy.

Now I’m on to read A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin! 15 months ago

MillieMarchalmost done!

15 books to go. I have a tattoo appointment scheduled for the last day and I am getting a cute little book worm 2 years ago

MillieMarch100 Books in A Year

This goal, I started last year, and I have until the end of May. 12 Weeks left, and I have 31 books left to go! How are you guys doing?? I have found that the app Audible has helped a lot. I listen to audiobooks all day at work and when I am cleaning my house, and driving in my car. At home, I mostly read books, but at times when I can’t I listen to them. 2 years ago

poiple101Book 1 down

I just finished The Divine Secrets of the YA-Ya Sisterhood! 2 years ago

rachtothesmyI did it!

I can’t believe that I actually did it! It took me four years to complete this goal and it was completely worth it. I read a ton of great books and I can’t help but notice that my reading speed seems to have gone up. This year I’m trying for 125. 2 years ago


I finished 102 books in 2011. 2 years ago

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