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get better at keeping in touch with people who are important to me

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Zaldania2 way street

Well, keeping in touch is a two way street. I’ve done what I can. 7 months ago

ZaldaniaNow more than ever...

Now more than ever is this goal important to me… 2 years ago

Someday I SupposeUntitled

I don’t know how it’s happened, but sometime in the past few years, I’ve become the friend who’s better at keeping in touch as opposed to the friend who’s hard to keep in touch with. Weird. 3 years ago

Lisa Thomas ScammahornGet Better at Keeping in touch with people who are important to me

One of my new years resolutions this year was to get better at staying in touch with my family. In the past I often felt I was always the one doing the reaching out to keep the miles not seem as far apart. I said I would make that extra time to make the phone calls, send the messages and so on so that the people in my family knew I was thinking of them and just maybe then they would take that time to pay it forward. Although my plan hasn’t actually worked as well I had hoped for I know in my heart that I made the effort because I wanted them to know how much they meant to me. 3 years ago


I always thought that facebook was a stupid website used by people who wanted to increase their popularity. However, I’ve now learned that, when used with good intentions, it can actually help you stay connected to important people. I have cousins that I haven’t spoken to in years, and we’ve been able to catch up and exchange numbers via facebook. I’m so thankful to have my family in my life. I’m gonna do my best to keep in touch with them 3 years ago

elanskithis is actually an important part of finding work too!

I actually managed to send a thank-you note to one, and plan to continue this – it’s not unlike sending the thank you’s to the folks who interview me. Everybody like to know when they’re appreciated! 3 years ago

Kat IngallsCrossing this off

I’m not perfect at this, but I’m better. Sent messages throughout the summer to the people that matter. Not every day, or even every week, but at least a few times, and that’s an improvement.

Working with my other goal of “stop being a perfectionist” and just crossing this off even though I haven’t done what I’d IDEALLY envisioned. Ha! 3 years ago

KaraSophiaHigh School

I’m going to college in a year so I’m worried about keeping in touch with my high school friends. 3 years ago

IllmeetyouinnarniaBestfriends are forever

You don’t want to lose them. 4 years ago


I am not a phone person or a snail mail enthusiast but, I do want to do better with staying in touch with people. Any ideas? Maybe I’ll buy stamps and send postcards. 4 years ago

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