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stop being sad


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I’ve been taking Citalopram (a type of celexa) for about a week and a half now. No results, but the psychiatrist said it can take around 4 weeks to work. Hopefully this helps me get a temporary handle on my anxiety and depression until I can get some coping methods together. 2 years ago

noamthepoemStarted on an SSRI today

I just wish they worked faster. I have not been able to focus or get motivated or get anything done today. I hope this starts working sooner rather than later. 2 years ago


I talked to my therapist today and it helped me make the decision: I’m going to make a appointment at my Kaiser’s psychiatry department and I’m going to tell them that I think short-term medication might be right for me. 2 years ago


That awkward moment when you are pouring your existential-crisised heart out to a good friend via skype chat and they stop responding and they probably fell asleep on you….
Not that she meant to do it or anything, I just feel like I needed someone to talk to just now… 2 years ago


I fell in love my mistake…. 2 years ago

oversensitiveYou can make your life any way you want it to be.

My name is Lizzie and I am 13 years old. Ever since I went to my new secondary school, life has really gone down hill.This is a bit of a lie really, I haven’t stopped being sad, but I figured, if I haven’t got out of this sadness yet, and am confused on what I have to do, I decided I’d like to give out advice to people.
I have been reading entries from the website today and one that really stood out for me was one from a woman saying that she had a crap job and her close friends didn’t seem to have time for her any more. Whoever that woman was, I really hope you read this. Please don’t give up. For two years I’ve been everyone’s second choice and my school is just awful. What I would recommend to you, or people in the same situation, is think about what you really would like to do in life. What can you picture yourself doing? I know jobs are hard to get at the moment, but I really encourage you to go out there and try and get your dream job. Be positive. If you achieve your goal of the job you want, think about it, other people will be at that job, with maybe the same interests as you. As far as I know (which isn’t a lot seeing as I’m only 13) a job is a great way to meet new people who share similar interests and can end up being life long friends. I also recommend, in the mean time, joining a local thing, maybe help out in the community, join a club, go swimming, Think about your hobbies and things you enjoy doing and go out and join something which involves a group of people discussing or doing the thing or things you love. For example a book club or a knitting club.
I hope this has helped some people? I’m sorry it’s so long and you’re probably thinking, what do I know? I’m so young? But please comment or cheer and give me some feedback. I’ll probably be writing some more of these dealing with the most common problems so please look out for oversensitive. 3 years ago

killstera rap (short) on stop being sad

stop being saves you from being mad
a story of a girl with no brains got carried away and started to escape with a bycicle but got shot in head with a bullet coming from a miles away…

.theres a lesson…stop being sad!

a boy that wanted smackdown vs raw 2011 begged and pleaded to his parents but they said no.he lashed out…cursing his bro and shot him with a AK-47 …OH!!!

theres a lesson stop being sad

another piece of shit just showwed jelousy and showed interception with the devestation i gave him a fist and said…...............STOP BEING SAD…............... 4 years ago


I am a 28 year old mother of 3. I have to live with my dad. My children and I have to move out by next summer and I don’t have the money to do this. I have panic attacks constantly. My boyfriend of 6 years and I are far from stable, but we share my youngest daughter. He is the love of my life. My best friend, but I’m constantly worried. He doesn’t give me peace of mind. I don’t want to be alone. I’m turning into a horrible mother and I’m scared I’m not going to have a place to live next year. 4 years ago


Life is boring, nothing I do seems to lift my spirits, my friends all faded away after I went to war and when I came back, no one cared. Things I used to love to do, don’t even matter anymore. My wife berates me, and complains about her life, and how dare I even mention that I am sad…she says I am just feeling sorry for myself.
God doesn’t answer my repeated prayers, and I can talk to no one. I am alone surrounded by people. 6 years ago

_statuszsolowno more family time.

ok well ever since i introduced my bf derrick to my sister and they have become close. but my sister is 28 & her husband is 30. and every time derrick qets mad at me he qoes to my sister and tells HER why he’s mad at me. then she explains to me what im doinq wronq but now its for nothinq bcuz he qets mad at me for the wronq reasons. yesterday, he went with my sister in the car 2 pick me up and then he had her drop him off at home soon as they picked me up so he could chill with his friend lucas. i told him we should of chilled last nite cuz im qunna be qoin 2 my friend dawnshea’s house all day 2day and when i told him 2day he qot mad cuz he wanted 2 spend time with me as if i didnt want to with him the nite HE dipped off on ME.
so after he texts me and tells me he wanted 2 spend time with me & chanqed his mind, i felt kinda bad so i texted him 2 hours l8r before it qot darker out and told him i would have my mom pick me up b4 she qoes out and have me dropped off over my sis house so we could spend time toqether and he texts me back sayin what are u talkin about im havin family time with christina and moe you could stay over ther if u want 2.
and that hurt me so bad cuz the only family i qot is my sis christina, bro-in-law moe, and their kids but now im feelin like they’re replacinq me with derrick in the family.
i feel like all i have is my mom and one day she’s qunna qet too old and ima be too younq to try and make her survive the rest of her lifetime and i cant stop cryinq =’( 6 years ago

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