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Nathaniel MartinUntitled

Hell yeah this is sexy. 2 years ago

Nathaniel MartinUntitled

oh yeah. 2 years ago


this is so cooll 3 years ago


hey i have a problem my mom read my txt and she heard a boy said i love u 2 mr idk wat 2 do

my mom wants 2 move but i will miss my boyfriend and friends if we move 4 years ago

lisa mcdanielUntitled

I want to build and design my dream house. Exactly how I want it. 4 years ago

kdeemayThe House I Want to Live In

I’ve lived so many places in my life. On average, I’ve moved at least every 2 years since I was born almost 35 years ago. Every place I’ve lived has had things I’ve liked and disliked. My husband and I have entertained the idea of building a house someday. I would like to design a house for us. It will be nothing extravagant, as we never want to be house poor and living in a grand mansion isn’t a dream for either of us. It will, however, have large closets, a place to read with large windows and a comfy sofa, have lots of shade trees and an appliance garage. It will be a HOME for US. 4 years ago


i like virtual worlds and to design things thats why i joined this site thats about it for now. 5 years ago


I think that most likely is that we will add a kit house (some of these are amazingly stylish) to the exisiting house which will otherwise be very small.

This will allow us to spend money on other things, such as landscaping. 6 years ago


I think this won`t be designed from scratch.

We`ve found a house which needs considerable rennovation/extension and we`ll be working with that.

I very much like this idea. I like the idea of the house having a past, and a negociation with the past.

It`s important for me because Brazil is so young, at least in coparasion to the UK, where I`m from. 6 years ago


My house…would be amazing. 6 years ago

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