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I didn’t really know any other way, because of how my parents raised me, and I didn’t recognize that some people don’t do this until four months ago -

when my boyfriend of eight months, upon me breaking up with him, could not deal with his emotions, and I realized that he only appreciated me for being a girlfriend (that is, the more intimate aspects of a relationship) and he had never appreciated me as a person.

And now there is distance, and there is not closure regarding the end of this relationship, but I’m all right now. I’m with someone who wanted to be my friend even if we weren’t in this kind of relationship.

Look at all the good things people do, and think of things that make them unique, and realize that nobody fits in a mold. And think of things to appreciate about them that aren’t about you. 1 week ago

David Mosesappreciating people

I love to appreciate people for who they are because everyone are unique. 2 months ago


In theory, this is easy. In practice…. 4 months ago


Don’t judge people :) 7 months ago

kelly_yeoh77unconditional love maybe ?

huh tough to appreciate people that have totally out of your way of life….attitude,behaviour,thinking and opinion,ways of getting things done,and not to mention those selfish mean jerky…oh ya hypocrites too…unconditional love maybe? 16 months ago

user37956This will be wonderful and hard challenge

It’s so hard to appreciate others sometimes, they can be so mean..but i really really want to work on this 17 months ago

Anisha HimbUntitled

A friend contradicted my opinion about a thing that I really felt strong about. I was a bit irritated at first but then I realise that she has indeed opened a passage for me to understand that there can be differences of opinions… Am glad she is diferrent from me in thoughts… makes discussions more interesting. 17 months ago

isthisfatedont judge a book and all that!

well, im pretty good at not doing this or if i do realising im being really shallow! I apreciate the difference in people, but want to take the time and thought to apreciate others without social preasures or at least without a care of them. like i say, i except others and embrace difference, maybe apreciate that difference a little more!

watched a film and one of the main bits stated ” THERE IS NEVER ANY ORDINARY MOMENTS” i want to look at people in this way aswel as my life! 19 months ago

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We should love people for being who they are. 2 years ago

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