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Become Financially Independent

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RexKwonDoTarget: 2022

I was able to get a better paying job that I start in a few weeks. I’m going to try to save around $9k per month, which includes my bonuses. This should put me at my goal in around 8 years. 2 weeks ago


I feel like, for many people, it’s as if childhood has extended into their early to mid-twenties. Parents pay for a good chunk of their living expenses, – sometimes even all of them-, they still live at home, don’t work, etc.
I want to become financially independent far before I necessarily “need” to. I’ll be 19 in a few months, and am already working towards establishing healthy credit, opening my second retirement account, and paying for smaller bills to start out with such as my phone, auto insurance, and renter’s insurance. I’ll start work as a medical record clerk in the meantime for some income, and see where that goes from there.
Wish me luck! 4 weeks ago

weijiafinancially independent

dfgfsdg 1 month ago


Yeah. I would pretty much like to be financially independent. I am young but I really want my own life. you know, pay all the bills, build my own house… I am ready to these stuff. sometimes I am just kind of crazy with money. I don’t know what it is… 1 month ago

shanretaBeginning journey to FIRE

First step is to reduce expenses and get rid of all debt including the mortgage, I figure this will take around four years more. I will save a proportion of my salary for emergencies as I do now. 2 months ago

DevittaBecoming Financially Independent

I swear I do not know what it is that I am missing. If someone could just help me get out of the hole with out sending me into homelessness, I will show gratitude and be truly grateful. I am on the computer countless hours of the day trying to figure out how is it that I can start making money online with my budget. I do not have nothing to start with and I have been advertising affiliates like crazy and have not made one red cent. Right now I wish I could come across someone who genuinely wants to help me succeed. I have heard to many people say that they are doing it and I know all of them can’t being liars. I am ready and willing (if someone who has done it from the perspective I am coming from and succeeded) to learn. 2 months ago

Taking CareI have a passion for how to

I will be financially independent if and only if I am able to share share an awesome opportunity with people who see it’s value and become it too.

I love network marketing:
It is magnificent in it’s ability to allow people from all walks of life to be paid/rewarded for using and sharing the benefits of a product(s) or service(s).

It takes people to succeed in doing business this way as it does in anyway to do business, but this is the most humanitarian way I’ve seen yet.

I like being part of the “Don’t give up on people” sqaud of network marketers/direct sales people that simply will not stop bringing this truth to surface for people to benefit from.
Fighting for the rights of many to be financial free with me. 2 months ago

appu srvaThis is my immediate goal...

I was financially independent once. And due to some reasons, I quit my job. Now I’m depending on my parents for money. Though my parents are not at all bothering about it, it’s bothering me. :( I don’t want to depend on anyone, not even on my parents for financial needs. If I’ve a job, not just me, but my parents too will be happy… :)

So, My next immediate goal is to be financially independent. 3 months ago

RexKwonDo2013 summary

I made some good progress in 2013, raising my net worth by almost $49k. I need roughly $850k to be financially independent. I interviewed for a new job recently, and it will substantially boost my career if I get it. If I don’t get the job, I think I should hit financial independence in 2026. If I get the job, I may hit it a couple years sooner.

Starting net worth (Jan 1): -$20,947
Debt payments / investment contributions: $49,018
Interest: $2,170
Depreciation (car): -$2,400
Total gain for 2013: $48,788
Ending net worth: $27,841.25

Goal for 2014 is to max out my 401(k), Roth IRA, and HSA, and improve my net worth by at least $52k. 3 months ago

Mohammad MeaziAgainst bad financial condition

When I think my family condition, then I feel cordially why don’t I do something seriously with honestly survived. I have found out about extra secondary income and basic income from teaching profession. So,I have chosen to do perform on online sports streaming. May Allah bless me on my goal. 4 months ago

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