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ZaldaniaFirst step, I guess?

I’m trying to time what weekend I can take the ABATE beginner/safety course. Plus I need to get the safety gear. GOOD gear. 23 months ago


I learned how to ride a bike last year through my dad and my kuya. It was a nice experience bc we get to bond while doing something new. 23 months ago


I like bikes. I guess it runs in the blood. My father and my brother are bike persons. They prefer motorbikes rather than 4-wheel vehicles. Their reason is that bikes are cheaper and can get you to your destination faster even when there is traffic. 23 months ago

Katie Hartone day...

it’s on the bucket list. 23 months ago

user12917not worth the risk

Owned a motorcycle for several years in college. It was a lot of fun, and parking was a breeze. Now that I’m older I don’t think it’s worth the risk – motorcycle accidents are usually caused by other drivers who don’t see you or can’t stop as fast as you do… seen too many bad accidents. I’ll pass and enjoy my free time cruising around with my windows down or out on a hike. 2 years ago


I will just do it once I find an opportunity, so here we go (: I would also like to own one too. 2 years ago


Since 3 days i am learning riding a motorcycle, a cruiser to be precise. first 2 days riding it caused me back pain but now its not there anymore :) starting and picking up speed in 1st gear is still a problem but hopefully with practice i will master it. 2 years ago

Cynthia LeighTaking Driving Test Soon

I’m taking my driving test within the next few months. I’ve been considering getting a mo-ped, in order to have one though, I have to pass the motorcycle portion of the test. So, I guess, I’m going to “learn to ride a motorcycle.” LOL2 years ago

PasadenaSueTake the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course

I learned through trial and error since my brother had a motorcycle. However I would strongly recommend to anyone who can to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course. That way you will learn the safe way to ride a motorcycle. The course didn’t exist when I was learning however I want to take the advanced rider course. 2 years ago

KaiLouxMy husband and I own an R6...

...and I need to learn to ride solo! I am a bit nervous, so I think that is what is holding me back. 2 years ago

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