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ericjpre: get ripped

I think I will have accomplished my get ripped goal the day that I can say “I’m done” to this. 5 years ago

Track502I'm working on it

I’m a 14 year old girl and I started doing handstand pushups this year. So far I can only do one complete one. The headrushes get annoying but I just have to put up with it.

By the way, I’m not some weird macho girl on steroids. Haha. I’m a former gymnast and I love working on my strength. I’m not all that strong though. 6 years ago

hardcoredrummer13Blood rush

I worked on this a bunch today and I just can’t do more than like 10 without the blood rushing to my head… Is there any way, besides not doing it, to minimize the blood rush? 6 years ago


I used to do handstand pushups in high school all the time… it was one of the few things I could do for a few minutes while waiting for my computer to chug along on whatever task it was at. I used to be able to do about thirty. I just tried again tonight and maxed at about eight. I think I must be differently proportioned than other people… I think my shoulders are relatively stronger and my pecs relatively weaker than the average person, it sounds like.

I’m newly interested in learning how to do these free-standing, though. There is a wonderful feeling of control when you can do an exercise like this… and when you stand back up and your shoulders are warm and buzzing, it’s fantastic. 6 years ago

zoso28very sad...

..but it’s never gonna happen. I got to a point where I could do one, but then I was in a car accident. Between the separated shoulder, and the shattered hand, I accept that this will never happen. The doc said that my shoulder was separated to a point that i’ll never regain full strength, and the verdict is still out on my hand. Either way, in the grand scheme of things, I think I can deal with never being able to do handstand pushups. It was basically a competition between one of my gym-buddies and I anyway. I owe him $20 now :( 7 years ago

bee2frog3this is virtually impossible!

really—it is. or at least i will never do it. and why do u wanna? 7 years ago


Makes the old shoulders ache no end… but you get a nice headrush afterwards :-) 7 years ago

vauschnik..Just gotta give it a whirl

I’ve intermitttently been attending classes in acrobalance and static trapeze. I remember feeling very embarassed in the acrobalance class when I was sidelined due to my inability to balance whilst upside down. (I believe the move was a candlestick). After going to a gymnastics class (again a little out of my depth ahem) I was told that the handstand and cartwheel are essential to master in order to have a decent Repertoire of fun gymnastic type moves. As I’m beginning to get bored with the gym and seem to have plateaued in building strength for these disciplines…

Enter the Handstand pushup!

I’m 33 so I imagine that makes me a little on the more mature side of those attempting (succeeding?) this feat. How long it’ll take I dunno, but I’m gonna give it a serious shot and as I’ve given up smoking (nigh on 3 months) I reckon anything’s possible. 7 years ago


Ive been doing them for a while now…. there awesome , the freestanding ones feel much better then the wall ones too 7 years ago

TemporalParochialism...The Beginning

Today, I’ve just decided to take on this task. For philosophical reasons as much as physical: it would be slightly enlightening to be able to maintain upright control with my arms rather than my legs.

So, today I did a headstand for probably the second time in my entire life and tried to do force myself up with my arms, a temporarily impossible task. I’ll have to go right to the handstand, but I don’t trust myself not to fall over and break my neck yet. I think I do a head stand everyday for a bit, until I’m confident about my balance. 7 years ago

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