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KatieeSummary of my Christmas

This Christmas I actually got the chance to make it to Our family Christmas get together at my Grandmothers house. We have done it since I was a baby and before that! I was a little nervous going in the day before the dinner, But when the time actually came to sit around my family I forgot about how long it has been, and when I did that I really started to connect with the whole family again. It felt nice to put aside our troubles and just smile and enjoy each other. 3 months ago


A bitch can’t get what she wants, but screw it, I’ll buy my shit with your money. 16 months ago


I’ll have a merry Christmas as long as I get the Snake Bite r/c monster truck from TRU. Snake Bite has been my man since I first saw him in the 90s, and seeing him make a comeback as a toy is odd, but pretty awesome since he only does local stints nowadays. 16 months ago

freshstart1Finished wrapping before 11pm!

I actually had a nice day. I had made a point of getting a good night’s sleep. I went out shopping early for our dinner tonight and then went to our favorite patisserie for desserts. There were lines everywhere, trouble parking, etc…but I kept a positive, cheerful attitude and chatted with people about why we didn’t do all this shopping yesterday, and what we will try to do differently next year to feel less frazzled. I made a delicious meal, kind of like boulliabaisse, but less complicated. My parents came over and we all had a nice, relaxing time. Then I did my wrapping, all the kids did their own wrapping, and now I am happily in bed. I do have the companionship of a pile of clean laundry next to me waiting to be folded and put away, but that’s just not happening tonight! 4 years ago

freshstart1Pretty tired already.

I wish I didn’t find Christmas so stressful. The shopping was probably not as bad as when my kids were littler, but still, I even feel compelled to pick up some last minute things tomorrow, shop for dinner, clean the house, pick up my mom, make dinner,...finish wrapping presents. Next year I have resolved to get this all done earlier in the season. I have set up reminders in my calendar already. As for the next few days, I am working on creating new traditions with the kids. I think we will decorate gingerbread houses on Christmas day. Two days later, my sister and family arrive. I just want everything to be simpler. 4 years ago


wow! i wished for a better christmas for 2008 and it wasnt half bad really..now its already 2009 and yup im wishin for a merrier merrier christmas!! how about a masters degree santa? 5 years ago

nouvelle jenwe had a very good Christmas

We had a lot of snow here in Seattle. We got the chains on the car early on and so were able to get groceries which was a good thing. Paco also mailed the packages which arrived in Colorado well ahead of Christmas! We went to visit Paco’s sister and her family for Christmas Eve (which is the big-deal night in Mexico: feasts, present opening etc) and had a really nice time! It snowed Christmas morning and most of the day. Max got great stuff: legos, puzzles, the dvd “Horton Hears a Who”. This year was a good balance; charitable stuff plus taking care of our own family. We spent what we could afford and bought hand-made and/or local goods. 5 years ago

sabrynFantabulous Christmas

Everyone was really happy with their presents. Mom got teary when she saw the necklace I got her. Dad loved his keychain. (They also really liked the other presents I got them, and the ones they got from each other. :) We ate great food, listened to good music, and enjoyed each other’s company. I wish I could have spent more time with them, but last night I was in too much pain to do anything but writhe on the couch. :(

R adored his presents…I think he thanked me ten times! Best of all, the outfit I got him fit; it came from an import store, and he’s 6’3”, so I was worried it’d be too short. It’s a little shorter than it should be, but fits reasonably well. (You can only see the shirt in this picture – the pants are under his mirt.)

And I got some cool stuff, too. :)

I’ve told Mom I’ll go shopping with her tomorrow. I must love her… 5 years ago

sabrynIt's here!

And I’m in an exceptionally good mood, considering the circumstances. (Five hours of sleep plus a wall of pain from my waist to my knees, which is the reason I only got five hours of sleep.) It’s a beautiful morning, and today I get to spend time with my loved ones. And give them presents. I adore giving presents.

I just love Christmas!

I should get ready now…miles to go today. Literally. Merry Christmas, everyone! 5 years ago

sabrynThey're here!

The necklace and keychain I ordered for my parents have arrived! And they’re gorgeous!

Tomorrow I’ll wrap these, and pick up a few last-minute items for Christmas dinner, and I’ll be ready! (Just in time, too. :) 5 years ago

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