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Love without fear

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x_lau_xLove without fear <3

I’ve met this wonderful person :).. He’s my boyfriend since a year now :). I can finally love without fear! Because I know he will always be there for me :) 15 months ago

Dare to DreamAfraid

Yes, that’s the word that describes me best. I am so very afraid.
Of getting hurt. Being embarrassed. Regreting my actions.
I push people away, because I don’t want the feeling of rejection.
I’m putting it down here and now, that I will try my very best to love without reservations. To give my heart to someone, and hope they don’t take advantage of it and hurt me.
I am lucky because I have that someone I want to give my heart to. 20 months ago


Today’s thought for myself: feel the fear and do it anyway. I imagine the fear lessens after real trust is built. The fear of what MAY happen when I start this conversation - or my fear that I’ll obsess over this possibility until I make it happen - is worse than just having that conversation. I’ve proven this before a few times. I still feel fear. Old habits… 2 years ago

AdrienneA2An ongoing goal

I think when I wrote this as one of my “things” I couldn’t even visualize what loving without fear is. When I least expected it that love came to me. For the first time in my life I’m not afraid to love and it feels wonderful! 2 years ago


Oh love. Wonderful, joyous, harsh, painful, everlasting, deep, happy, sad, strong, confused, supporting, fast, slow, cruel, indescribable, vivid, funny, unknown, real. 2 years ago

StupendaFanciullaI see I have so much fear of love inside of me

It wasn’t like this before. I am so afraid of getting deeper into love.
Sometimes I feel such a deep love inside of myself and then I try to think about something else immidiately. I am afraid of this profoud emotion and of how it makes me feel. I wish I could open myself. But it’s so hard. It wold be much easier if I lived in an ideal world when I know nobody ever would judge me, but I so much think of others think of myself, that I put my love apart and think only about insignificant things.
I think I am afraid to concentrate on something good. The same as I am afraid to feel happy and keep this feeling inside of myself. When I feel happy for a longer period I immidiately think that something is going wrong and that it can’t be this way and so I spoil everything by myself..
So I really wish to be able to accept the feeling of happiness and love, to deepen inside of it every time it comes. That’s what I really need if I want to be happy! 2 years ago

papergirlI've come to realize that

letting somebody in is the hardest part of this goal.

A lot of people tell me I just haven’t met the right person yet, and when I do I’ll know. I imagine this means it’ll all click and just feel right. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway; but I also think I have to work on myself first. My insecurities definitely play into my inability to trust.
I feel like I’ve missed out on so many possibilities (friendships, relationships—I missing out on one right now!) because I always run away before I can get hurt. I tend to reassure myself that the pain I feel from running away is only a fraction of what I may have felt had I stayed. 2 years ago

Killergod PeaceHi my name is Kevin

Am From Mauritius I know my Wife at age of 18 she has the same age and I Married her at age 21year in 2007 and it`s 2011 and now am at age 25 she left February 2.2011 I try to connect her everytime his mother took the phone and scold at me today is 3.12.2011 am still without new so plz help what should I do 3 years ago

BunderburgMoving on, letting go

I was hurt, I was young and apparently trusted the wrong man. It was my first relationship and I let myself fall to far to fast and it didn’t end well. I needed time to heal and I waited 2 years for my next relationship. I didn’t wait on purpose but I think perhaps I was setting off vibes to men saying leave me alone. But now I met HIM and he is a great man. He is going through a divorce right now so he is needing time to heal as well. But what gets me the most is how understanding he is with my fears. The other morning I cried on his shoulder and told him I was terrified, he huged me, wiped my tears and told me he wasn’t going anywhere. How is it that I can still be scared to let go and be truly in love with this man? 3 years ago


got my heart completely broken but still….giving myself to someone so deeply and intensely was worth it…i felt alive and happy for the first time in years and i would do it all over again!!! 3 years ago

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