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brassedoff69Harder Than I Thought

I did actually spend some time on this last year. I did get frustrated. Will work more on it this year! 3 months ago

karassaI have my own clubs!

I played a scramble during a departmental team-building outing. It was an absolute blast, and then my boyfriend convinced me to get my own clubs, and we’ve been playing a bit or hitting some balls at the range. It’s quite fun! I’m still terrible though, and would probably benefit from a lesson or three! 7 months ago

Jay JeongUntitled

I tried to learn to golf last summer, but my schedule didn’t allow me to do it. I hope I can do it in this spring and summer. 13 months ago


I have a gift certificate for lessons!! Hurry up Spring! 15 months ago

raindropsgolf practice

On the golfing trip I was just on, we had 2 days of golf lessons.

Day 1, we worked on ‘grip, aim, setup’ and our drives. Driving is hard! especially because I didn’t have gloves, and my left arm hurt so bad after a couple of hours of gripping a club. I drove with a 7 iron.

Day 2, we did some putting. Putting was much more fun. It’s a lot more gentle and just mind work. I find I put with too much strength. So what I did to make my put softer was to say in my head ’ gently, gently’ at the moment of hitting the ball. My puts were definitely more gentle then. I think it’s psychological.

I’ve put some money into the game: I’ve invested in a golf glove.

I need to find a driving range that works for me and do this weekly or possibly more frequently – like, after work; I’ve seen a couple of driving ranges on the route back. 16 months ago

raindropsgolf - the beginning

I’m not very keen on golf but my company’s big on golfing so I’ll take this as a great opportunity to learn!

I tried golfing once, at the driving range, but I couldn’t even hit the ball! :o

I never went back, but now…

We’re going on a trip next week and golfing is the main event. There’ll be lessons for beginners too, I hear, so I’ve signed up, and will approach this stately sport with renewed vigour and optimism. 17 months ago

dmolson1Lessons today!

Going to learn the basics with a few lessons starting today. 2 years ago

Beeb RussoUntitled

ive never really had the time or money but golf has always something ive heard nothing but good things about. Its a big time commitment but in the experience ive had with golf its quite relaxing and no too taxing on the body

Since my original entry I’m really happy to say I finally completed this goal. I played for free and learned from my friends this past spring. I had a lot of time last May to practice and ultimately got to the point of being proficient enough to beat some of my friends at school. I bought a student golf membership this summer and golfed pretty regularly. I’m glad to finally check this off the list as something I worked hard at and ultimately achieved much sooner than I had anticipated. 3 years ago

jantwicThis is especially hard for me

I find this to be extreamly hard because I am lefthanded and I don’t have the means to go out and take lessons 3 years ago

Peggy HillChip and Putt

Last week I went to a Par 3 Chip and Putt. I did okay and had lots of fun. I even got Par on one hole! I also went to the driving range this week. I am consistently making contact with the ball. Hooray! 3 years ago

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