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I don’t want to lose touch with some people who are so important to me and my growth and who have contributed to who I am today. People who I’ve learned so much from!

Brianna- best friend for life
Megan- my first roommate, also the best roommate ever
Kelly B- my future business partner
Chris Lee
Violet 8 months ago

DellieonthegoIdentifying a need ...

I realize that I am more of an introverted person – I don’t feel the need to talk to my friends and family on a regular basis. However, I have a desire to feel more connected to those I love & show them how much I cherish our relationship. This year I hope to do a better job of staying connected in meaningful ways! 2 years ago

tamaribumaking some lunch dates

there are too many local folks whom I only see on facebook! 2 years ago

tamaribupicked up the phone

called dear E. nice normal chat. looking forward to next in person. 3 years ago


(There seems to be a little flurry.) Another jr hi friend, now living in Russia, made contact and maybe we’ll meet up during the summer. 3 years ago

tamaribuan old friend

from early days in LA made casual contact and hooray we’re planning a meet up in a couple of weeks.

looking forward. 3 years ago

tamaributiny exchange

with B in the north. upping the chances that a visit may happen in June. 3 years ago

loveinthecureit happened

we did it – I called her phone on Skype and then in 43 seconds we were connected via Skype on our computers and we talked for a long time. It is fun and cool that she got to interact with the baby too! I am so glad she insists on us Skypeing. 3 years ago

tamaribujr hi friend

send me a nice long check-in letter. responded in kind same day. it was like a little mini-e-mail reunion. 3 years ago


In the future I need to make sure I say Saturday [insert date of the month here] instead of just the day of the week. I had a skype date and one half of the date showed up at midnight on Saturday but I thought Saturday meant midnight on Saturday but that really means Midnight on Sunday for them. So bummer. I was actually moving at the time we were to skype because I had a baby in my arms in bed but I couldn’t log into skype at the time and it didn’t happen.

I’ll try again but with clarification! 3 years ago

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