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ride an elephant

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iswaryaganesanride an elephant

I want to ride an elephant 3 months ago

isurdshi children

i love elephant since childhood when i was 7 years i can remember one baby elephant got his trunk round my neck gently and blew to my face luckily i didnt get scared because i was carried on my fathers hand it was a superb experience . and nowadays i like to ride a elephant i think it will be the most unforgettable …. how ever i usually collect statues of elephants and take pic my favorite animal is the elephant

i took this pic when an elephant is taking fruits after that they are participating a holy pageant 4 months ago

FlirtingwithFreedomSo close I can taste it

And by “it” I mean the taste of an accomplished goal. It’s all sweet and none bitter. Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to a three hour trip to a Renaissance Festival and they have elephant rides. They are advertised as kids rides but I called and asked and adults can ride too.

I read somewhere that elephant riding was cruel because of the training the elephants have to go through and I was so so upset..I couldn’t fathom harming an elephant for entertainment. And I was torn because it’s my life long goal. Or at least one of them but I already bought tickets to the festival so if the elephant appears sad, and they do show their emotions. I will not ride it. No matter how far I’ve come to achieve this goal. 5 months ago

snowflake7AWESOME experience!

I went to the fair and rode a lovely elephant named Cora, a 52 year old Asian elephant who weighed around 9,000 lbs. She starred in Smokey and the Bandit 2. I rode with 4 other random people – 2 kids and 1 lady in front of me, and 1 older gent behind me. It was a much steadier ride than I expected it to be. When it was time to get out I was the first one they ushered off but my foot got stuck and I tried to lift it and the lady in front of me held it up and asked me what I wanted her to do with it (LOL). Cora’s width was rather large and it was sort of like doing a split when riding her. When I finally got off, I petted Cora’s wirey head on the way down the stairs and thanked her… Before the ride we were treated to a show (Elephant Encounter). Cora and her co-star Shannon, a 30-something African elephant, played a bugle (Cora) and a harmonica & tambourine (Shannon). They also balanced on stools, drank kool-aid with their trunk out of a cup, did a dance routine, swallowed a loaf and a half of bread, and one of the owners was held in Cora’s mouth while Cora walked around the ring. We were also shown what an elephants teeth look like. They are crazy huge! 6 months ago


i can ride an elephant in india. 9 months ago


Rode an elephant with Adriana when we were younger when a circus came to town. A picture exists somewhere … it was awesome. Elephants are hairy. I also saw an elephant poop a massssssive … poop. 22 months ago


oh my goodness this would be so cool !! i would feel like an african Queen!:) 22 months ago

cats2kids6Wow...flights to Bangkok, Thailand are around $2,000!

Plus to do what I would like at the website I posted is between $2,000 and $3,000. Think this one is going to take me a while, unless I find somewhere else, but I really liked what they had to offer. Dream, dream, dream… 2 years ago

cats2kids6This looks like the place for me to visit!

http://www.thailandtourscenter.com/tourdetail.php?code=3DE 2 years ago

aysrandrupRide an elephant

I rode an elephant when my friends and i visited agra fort in india.not the most comfortable ride,but it was a unique experience 2 years ago

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