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MysteriousIllusionSummer and school courses

I took a Latin semester of the summer this year. I am currently taking Latin a & b in school now. 4 months ago

calypsaticBook 2

I’ve been taking the Cambridge Latin Course online-- it’s a 4 book series- regular assignments that are sent to a tutor for grading. If not for this program, I doubt I’d ever have the self-motivation to learn Latin.
Anyway, I’ve recently started book 2 of 4. I will mark this goal as complete after I have completed book 4 :) 7 months ago

lagoose27latin here I come

wooh! beginning latin for fall 2013! 8 months ago


Latin and I have a love-hate relationship. But I really have loved the past two years of studying a dead language. So much so that I’m seriously considering minoring in it.

Latin is hard, to be sure, but the construction clicks with me. The fluidity and flexibility of the language is just something we don’t have in English. Translating Latin is like putting together a puzzle – very different from my experience with other languages.

And for those of you who don’t understand why anyone would want to study a dead language, just wait until time travel is invented. Looks like you won’t be invited to ancient Rome with the rest of us. 8 months ago

mooody6I'm attending classes!

This semester I’m attending Latin classes which are actually held for M.A. philosophy students. :) 13 months ago

Joey Joseph PatawaranIt's at a pause

Learning Latin and French at the same time is kind of complicated. It’s at a pause for now specially as I learn more it gets more confusing. I’ll come back to it later. As soon as my French skills become way better. 16 months ago


Today officially began my second semester of Latin. The class was dull because the professor adopted a method which I dislike entirely: just reading out loud and translating. Honestly, how lazy can it get?
I am more a grammar slash exercise kind of person and learn much better on my own. Classes, for me, ought to be explaining and solving doubts, correcting whatever may be wrong with the practice of the language.
This was such a dull saturday morning that I literally counted the minutes for it to be over. Not to mention my classmates—seriously, what the hell, people? Summarizing: I liked the other teacher better, the other class better and the previous method was heavenly. 10 more classes to endure. Sigh.
This will be a tough semester.

Nevertheless, this is an amazing language to learn. On my own it will be much better (and fun) because:
- bought the “Oxford Latin Desk Dictionary”.
- bought the book “How To Insult, Abuse & Insinuate In Classical Latin”.
- bought the perfect “Hobbitus Ille: The Latin Hobbit”.
Can hardly wait. 19 months ago

MangoShineIt's going somewhere!

I’m taking Latin in university besides civil engineering, just started it, and so far so good :) 20 months ago

mooody6The beginning

Started “Latin for Beginners” book. Finished the first two lessons. I really enjoy it! The grammar is almost like Persian’s, and the connection between Latin and English words is so interesting to me. This helps me improve my English vocabulary easier and of course learn the Latin words more quickly! Wonderful! 21 months ago


If anyone’s interested, here’s a website I found that might be helpful in learning latin! http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/latin/beginners/lesson01/default.htm 2 years ago

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