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stufalufAlmost Finished

Thank you for friends! Been filling in the blanks with a friends CV. Realize their are many things that I haven’t accomplished need to get the ball rolling. 2 months ago


il 11 months ago


Hi I want to write my CV
to Get a better job 3 years ago

TheSockMonsterDoing stuff to add to it

I’ve started writing it and now Im on a mission to do more stuff that I can add to it. Like next month Im going on a short course on donkey care…should be fun. And it bulks up the cv a bit! 3 years ago


Not that i have much to add to it-half an education and a business thats barely off the ground. 3 years ago

Thirty7Write my C.V ( aka Resume )

Being unemployed since the beginning of summer. Took time out to chill with my new family and figure out my life. Realised many things about myself and my life. Yoga/meditation helped me do this.
Need to start a business myself or get a job ASAP. 4 years ago


qwe3r32r24r4 retrtre reqt4rq 4 years ago


I started it, that’s the hardest part! I have a draft of the main part, just waiting for some friend feedback then I’ll tidy it all up pew pew ^^ 5 years ago


i need a good cv 5 years ago

emoscreamo77i *don't* have a title

okay …. so i have like {color:blue} no idea what i’m doing 5 years ago

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