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Alpenglow000Still waiting...

So I’m an 18 year old female, and I would say that I’m decently attractive, but still no first kiss. You know when you get to my age and these milestones when most kids have already past LONG ago, you start to question…what am I doing wrong? It’s incredibly frustrating but I’ll keep waiting…and waiting. haha. One day, hopefully. 4 years ago

0Tater0It will happen!

Someday. I feel weird that it hasn’t happened yet! I’m almost 19 years old. I’m about to start college so hopefully that will change things for me. 4 years ago


just wannna feel what the first kiss is :) 4 years ago


just wannna feel what the first kis is :) 4 years ago

iHEARTnicoletotally worth waiting for...most amazing kiss ever :)

ok..so there’s this guy who i’ve been friends with since the 3rd grade and we just have an amazing connection where we flirt uncontrollably and have fun no matter what. Even though we have that connection, we never took it to the next level except for one night…so he texted me, said he wanted to go for a walk and asked if i would come with him. We met up and walked along train-tracks in our town, talked the whole time, and actually had deep, meaningful conversation. We walked for a while, it wasn’t dark yet so we decided to stop for a little while and lay down under the stars that were just coming up. As romantic as that was, it was getting dark and cold so we decided to walk back and drive to where i had left my car. When we got to my car, he parked right behind me, stopped the car, and we both got out. As i was walking to my driver’s side door, he walked in front of me and rested on my door. As i went to walk around to the other side, to not only outsmart him, but get into my car, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me close to him until our faces were right in front of eachother. Before i knew it, we were kissing, and it was the most passionate kiss ever. It seemed to last forever (which was definately a good thing)and when we stopped, we just held eachother for a while until i had to leave and by then we were kissing again. Even though the opportunity to kiss another person came up, i never did it, and i’m so glad because it was totally worth waiting for..it was something that you would see in the movies. Totally romantic and very sexy. I just hope that everybody can experience this kind of kiss, even if its not your first kiss. 5 years ago


Soo good everyone should have 1 lol!!!! had it and its good! 5 years ago

elinorhKiss me!

I wish I will get kissed soon… I’ve been dreaming about him a lot lately and can’t get him out of my head! 6 years ago


It wasnt the most ideal place…
i ws tipsy n it was wit sum1 i never tlked to before…
but it gave me the experience – and the confidence to try it more!!!!:)
It is totally reccommended!:P
xx 6 years ago

Aly25Have a First Kiss...

me and my boyfriend have been dating on and off and we have recently overcome a rumor that has been spread. but we are happily back together now and i have yet to have my first kiss. i would love for him to be the first guy i kiss and i know he wants the same but have no clue how,when, or where to do it. 6 years ago


i am sooooooooooo nervous its really weird like i kno me and my bf want to kiss each other but i m too afraid cause i dont have any idea how and he is just really really shy and we can say i love you but idk why we have a problem with kissing ive been thinking bout geeting one of my friends to teach me but i dont kno any advice peeps?


sunni 6 years ago

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