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Get published in an academic journal

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Have 2 revise & resubmits. Getting closer… 7 years ago


heh 2 times now—working on 5. 7 years ago

Marie-France BoissonneaultThis past winter

My first academic publication, many more to come… 7 years ago

Joe GoldbergCHI 2002 Proceedings?

I think this counts. I was also in the UIST proceedings that year. 8 years ago


Here’s my top journals to publish in, mostly implausible:

New Media & Society
Theory, Culture, Society
Games and Culture (new Sage journal)
Critical Studies in Media Communication (a big deal)
Gamestudies.org (I may actually submit my Xbox/gamertag paper here; online journals seem “easier” to submit to than paper journals. Not sure if I would count this goal as “reached” if I did this). 8 years ago


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