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topfiverecordsI hate my job.

I never liked it. I started because I needed the money and I knew I could do the job well. But now, I am moving and they want me to commute back and forth for the next two weeks before I can transfer to a new location. I didn’t like the job to begin with and I certainly don’t like it enough to commute but I still need the money. Or a new job. 3 years ago

booboobabiesI used to love my job, now I hate it!

It’s time for me to kiss my present position Good-Bye! For years, I liked the position. Then upper management decided to put my department under the God-awful woman I work for now and things really went into the toilet! I have worked for crappy bosses before, but this witch takes the cake!

I know that we are in a recession and jobs are tough to find, but dammit, there has got to be something better than this! 3 years ago

ANewDayForMeWell they let me go. hip hip Hooray!

I’ve been dealing with a dead-end job for a long time now. I’ve been dealing with pettiness and backstabbing and maliciousness and NOW its over!
I really didn’t need this job, so I’m so glad to never have to step back into that place EVER again :DDDDDD

From this point on I work for my family or for myself 4 years ago

ksgreen1get a new job

I am very unhappy with my current job. There is too much politics and I feel very underappreciated. I know my talents can be appreciated elsewhere and for more pay lol. 4 years ago


I am utterly cheesed off with Dave, Nneker, Charlie basically anyone in charge. Rude bunch of idiots. Fed up with RF and BS and their stupid attitude.
Kids don’t want to work but we have been told to keep them working.
Not sure what i want to do and no jobs available at the moment. Very low end of term. 4 years ago


I wish I had a crystal ball…

Last year I after some hesitation decided to leave the job I was content with for a new job. A friend of mine encouraged me to do this, thinking it was a better opportunity. Reluctantly, I agreed to, and did it. I really wished I listened to my first intuition.. I regard this as the biggest mistake I have made so far in my life…. I have said that I hope this is as close to hell as I ever get.

I am at a place that makes parts for the auto companies, mainly General Motors. But that is not the problem, it is just a miserable place to work….

They work people like a slave, and the next day expect more and more. One person bitches at me to do something one way, and someone else comes by and bitches at me to do it another way. If something isn’t running right, and I’m making a lot of scrap they get pissed off at me for bothering them, as if I am supposed to know everything about a machine and part that I have only done twice. If I knew I wouldn’t ask for help.

I work at least 6 days every week, and some days 10-12 hours, and come home with no energy to do anything but lay around miserable and depressed.

I tried more than once to get my old job back, with no success…

I live in the state with the highest unemployment rate in the USA. Even though it is bad here, I would like to stay here. I have known others who packed everything up, put their house up for sale, and moved away to some other state, just to end up coming back with more turmoil then when they left.

I never went to college, and after working in this hellhole with other people who have college degrees and such, I have to wonder what is the point of college when they just end up with a miserable low paying job like this. 5 years ago


hmmm 5 years ago

kansasjoeNot just any job.

I want a job where I get to use my brains and are held responsible for the things I do. 5 years ago

nanynooChanging Jobs

I have just put in a application form for a new job, fingers crossed 5 years ago


my attitude is stressful 6 years ago

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