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bethcoutoGREAT IDEA

Classes are expensive and sometimes its hard to find time! but since i go to the gym i decided im going to take more zumba classes at the gym which are kind of the same thing! 3 months ago

girlwitglassesGood exercise

My friends and I took a belly dance class offered at our university. It was a fun class. If you don’t feel that you are sexy..you will definitely feel that way after leaving. Very sensual dancing. 6 months ago

barefeetandsandSensual Belly Dancing

If I learned anything from belly dancing it’s confidence. Using my “womenly” body to create “waves like the ocean”. It’s a lot of fun, I suggest trying it. 7 months ago

Parisa SalekiLA Area.

I had the most incredible instructor. She’s with the Persian Arts group in Encino, California, but she will teach anyone. Her name is Dalileh. Loved her and I plan on going back this summer. 12 months ago

loriz10Boot camp

I joined the Bellydance boot camp class on January 19th. I am completely out of my comfort zone but still enjoying myself. We are half way finished with the first session. 2 years ago

tigers2008Belly dancing how i did this.

I went to half price and picked out good videos like this ont in photo, and enjoyed that one got few more to.or on demand channel is free ones there now to. I love to do those fitness ones. have fun day every one, God bless. 2 years ago

T_LaShaeBellydancing !

I thought bellydancing was amazing the first time I saw it performed. I really thought it was impossible for just anyone to learn to do it. The hip movements are just so very elaborate! ITS AMAZING! I have never taken lessons or anything. I just began practicing on my own in front of the mirror, and I also watch Shimmy on Fit-Tv some afternoons. I have actually become very good at it having taking no lessons. It is also a good exercise to help keep that tummy nice and trim ladies! BELLYDANCE ALL YOUR TROUBLES AWAY! :-) 3 years ago

Yanet GomezBellydance

I want to bellydance the year away. 3 years ago

moiraelove it!

I think I’ve been taking classes for about 3 years now and this year I started performing! It’s great! Bellydancing has changed my life and most importantly, the way I see myself and my body. I always struggled with low self-esteem but taking these classes has really helped me find my beauty and my confidence. I’m grateful to my teachers and the women in my classes. It’s really empowering to be in a room with women of all ages and sizes dancing and looking beautiful. Yesterday we were asked to dance in the park for a fundraiser…it was wonderful! 3 years ago


got some tapes at a thriftstore, and just threw myself into it. pretty much every day for a year, now just occasionally. its fun, tones you up, and feels gooooood! 4 years ago

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