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List 25 things I hate


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1. not being allowed to text during school
2. stupid people
3. parents “rules for your safety”
4. bitchy girls
5. backstabbers
6. useless classes
7. sharing
8. football and football players
9. paying for people who can’t pull their own wait (medicare/obamacare)
10. druggees
11. overly strict boyfriend parents
12. english class (I SPEAK ENGLISH FOR GODS SAKE)
13. people who are too slow when texting
14. girls who say they hate snobby girls but ARE the snobby girl
15. People who Facebook chat you too much
16. people who complain about their karma after being asses.
17. therapists
18. america’s school system, public AND private
19. summer reading
20. slow drivers
21. slow walkers/ people who get in the way when your walking in the hall
22. loud people/people who cant shut up for ten seconds
23. having your plans cancelled last minute after looking forward to them all week.
24. being angry but not having a way to take out your anger
25. leaving food for other people 2 years ago

IgkitkatI hate:

1.) Gangsters, especially the ones who aren’t in gangs and the ones who commit crimes and all of them
2.) Bigots, specifically homophobes
3.) Religions that say you HAVE to convert or go to hell
4.) Hunting and meat
5.) Republicans
6.) People against abortion (it’s a right to decide what happens with your body)
7.) Rednecks
8.) Preppy, popular girls who think they’re somehow better than me
9.) Sports
10.) little kids
11.) pop music
12.) people that tell me I’m doing something wrong
13.) snow
14.) the cold
15.) being sick
16.) perverts
17.) gun toters
18.) bad grammar/bad spelling
19.) acne
20.) the color yellow
21.) hypocrites
22.) liars
23.) small towns
24.) having other people shove their beliefs down my throat
25.) Stupidity, most of all 2 years ago

female_user25 things I Hate:

1. Drug dealers
2. Corrupt Officials
3. Terrorists and Suicide Bombers
4. Traffic
5. Dust/Pollens
6. Global Warming
7. Smokers
8. Murderers/Criminals
9. Diseases
10. Bullies
11. Prostitution
12. Big-headed people
13. Devil Worshipers
14. Vandalism
15. War and Violence
16. Abortion
17. Dirty Politics
18. Animal Abusers
19. Compulsive liars
20. Hypocrites
21. Factories
22. Backstabbers
23. Unfaithful husbands and wives
24. Bossy people
25. Economic Crises 2 years ago


1: I hate people who are unable to spell correctly.
2: I hate it when people blatantly rip things off.
3: I hate Twilight for making vampires such fags.
4: I hate it when people have invalid arguments.
5: I hate it when people say “All kids are special” because if all kids are special, the word loses its meaning.
6: I hate it when people refer to retarded people as “special.”
7: I hate people who are sensitive.
8: I hate people who think you are a racist if you don’t like a white person or a black person.
9: I hate vegetarians.
10: I hate it when people stare.
11: I hate it when people ask retarded questions.
12: I hate gullible people.
13: I hate “famous” kid singers who sing about love, they don’t know shit about love.
14: I hate it when people have debates over Call of Duty and Halo.
15: I hate it when I am lazy.
16: I hate it when my eyes are itchy.
17: I hate it when people make awful movies.
18: I hate liars.
19: I hate crybabies.
20: I hate people who have to much pride.
21: I hate it when people write “lol” after every sentence.
22: I hate it when I think about a Wolf Spider with babies on her back.
23: I hate it when people squish bugs, how do you know where they go?
24: I hate it when I drop something and the things lands 10 feet away from me, how is that even possible…
25: I ABHOR religious people who think they know it all. When they say only humans have souls or do not go to Heaven. But what I hate about it the most is the fact that anything you do, you go to Hell. 3 years ago


p 3 years ago


Fashion Magazines—Fashion has never interested me. Besides, a lot of those magazines are probably chock-full of weight loss pressure, direct or not.

Bitter People—Although it may seem contradictory due to the fact that I’m writing this list in the first place, I’m really not that resentful a person. Naturally, I gravitate away from people who are.

Judgment of Celebrities—Okay, I understand peoples’ arguments about what all these stars are doing. Some of it is pretty awful and intense. But I guess I’m just not sure how we came to consider celebrities as people to look up to in the first place. I for one never felt influenced either way by them.

Homophobia—I can be accepting of anyone’s views on abortion, war, and even creationism, but homophobia is not something I can tolerate. This does not come from experience at all. Having a geneticist for a mother, maybe.

Hypochondria—It keeps me up late sometimes. Seriously, it sounds insane, but trust me: when you’re in a state like that, you will be ANYTHING but rational. It only happens at night though. 3 years ago


Pretty Much Anything Loud—Yeah, I’m really more into quiet. I like energetic things, but not if they’re excessively loud.

Going to Sports Games—Really, I don’t like sports. I don’t follow them well. Baseball is the worst, since I get lectured every five minutes for not paying attention because I risk getting hurt. (Well, could I even do something about a ball coming at me if I were paying attention to it?

Awkward Moments—Yeah, pretty self-explanatory. I usually react by changing the topic, avoiding the person for the rest of the day, and remaining rather irritable for the next several hours.

Distrust—Distrust upsets me. I’m an overly trusting person, but I don’t like the notion of being so alone that you can only trust yourself. I mean, you can’t really function without trust.

Several-Hundred-Year-Old, Convoluted Literature—Again, not trying to be offensive to anyone here. But I just have such a hard time relating to the concepts, and I’m not the best reader as it is (probably due to being more of a visual/kinesthetic learner), so trying to read those books just takes that much longer. 3 years ago


Provocative Clothes—I’m pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.

Nitpicking of Things in the Media—My opinion? They were talented enough to make it to the public, so that’s talented enough for me. Plain and simple. My criticism radar just turns off.

The Post-Effects of Procrastination—Also self-explanatory, haha.

Unprotective Friends—Well…I guess I realize that not most people have friends who are half like older sisters, like I do, but even so, I don’t know why people play tricks on their friends that they know aren’t even actually safe for the recipient.

Bad Things that Happen to Good People—I think it’s one of the saddest things about this world. 3 years ago


Teen Dramas on TV—I don’t see the appeal in those kinds of shows, personally. There are way too many plots to follow, and I don’t see why anyone would want to indulge in those sort of concepts. Well, unless they relate to them, I guess.

Hectic Schedules—What ever happened to slowing down? Adults with crazy lives are one thing, but kids and teens deserve a childhood! I’m not saying having a lot of extracurriculars has to be mutually exclusive to that, but I think it does cut into it.

People who take Pleasure in Others’ Pain—Well, duh. Especially if it’s physical pain. The person you’re laughing at could need freaking MEDICAL attention for all you know.

PE Class in Elementary School—Really, people of my past. It’s called “I was born with a low muscle tone.” I may have been a little too stubborn about exercise, but I really wish people would have believed that the things I said were hard for me actually were.

Sophistication—It appears to me that all “sophistication” means is being fake and trying to sound impressive. From my perspective, a world of sophistication means a world of being on guard. 3 years ago


Physical Play Fighting—So dominance is SO prominent in our society that it has to leak into our recreational activities, too?

Mock Anger—I hate it partly because I’m afraid the person is going to cry wolf one day, and also because if it’s over something that really would make me angry, I guess it makes me feel a little mocked.

Metal/Rap Music—Meh, I guess it’s just too…not positive for me.

Intolerance—Particularly because I hardly ever come in contact with it in my life, so when I do, it’s even more irritating.

Opera/Formal Recitals/etc.—Not to be offensive to anyone, but I don’t understand how being so uptight and proper about something can be satisfying. It doesn’t sound like that much of an experience… 3 years ago

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