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Remember to print girl 9 months ago

ladykay916Not a good way......

My losing pounds actually came from stress so I would not recommend it at all. But now that I’ve changed jobs I’ve began not only eating but eating a lot of healthy things. I don’t eat much meat or drink much milk and have incorporated a lot of fruits and vegetables in my diet. I have green tea every morning and night :-) 15 months ago


I’ve rencently started doing Aerobics during lunch but then strained my hamstring so very sad that I’ve had to take a break. This is the 2nd week that I haven’t been able to do anything but beginning to stretch more and pray that I can get back on it next week. 2 years ago

Emma RogersWant to loose 10 pounds in 14 days

How is this possible I rly need to I got my friends wedding coming up !!!!!! 2 years ago


Ive been at a little bit of stall and I can’t seem to get past 130.8. I want to be 125 (maybe even smaller) by the time I go on my cruise. In going to start running 2 miles everyday for the next 2 weeks to get my endurance up. I need to get ready for this race! 3 years ago

lovelylittlebesosWeek 1

It’s been a hard week of workouts & running. I’ve been preparing for the mudrun and have been running and doing cardio workouts. I need to keep it up so I’m able to run a 5k no problem.

I now only need to work on eating better. Fruits & salads here I come :) 3 years ago


Ok so ive been doing this for a week now and i havent eaten amazingly healthy but i havent been really terrible either…but in the past week i have done over 4 hours of excersise!! that is a lot for me!! nothing is showing yet as in the scales say i havent even lost a pound and ive been measuring myself too and there is no change there but im hoping if i start eating a bit more healthy and with all this excersise it shouldnt take too long to shift the pounds…should it?? lol im just hoping i dont loose momentum with all this excersise, i do feel better for doing it even if im not getting thinner/more toned! 4 years ago

jhovasanchezDay 2

Gym 1 hour cycle class
Yogurt with granola
Jambalaya :(, roll :(, salad
Granola 4 years ago

jhovasanchez1st day

No gym
Yogurt with granola
Pork chop with veggies, sweet potato
Green tea
Pork chop with greens, rice 4 years ago


I weigh 126 4 years ago

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