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atinygoatLeaving in four days..

I can’t wait for our nine-day trip to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden! 22 months ago


I want to learn were i come from, the other half of me 3 years ago


I’m learning Danish right now, and in a few years I plan on visiting Denmark, maybe even studying there :) 3 years ago

chenvova11Visit Denmark

Right now I am in Denmark. But I am thinking back to how I came here for the first time and thought that it would be for a short stay. Apparently, there has been something about Denmark that has kept me here for a such long stay. What can it be? A lot of people complain about the Danish weather. Yes, it is true it can be unpredictable and windy a little bit but overall I am totally okay with it, especially springs and summers are great here.

If any of you are ever going to visit Denmark, the web TV show I’ve created might be of interest. It is all about Denmark. Visit Denmark and the show at www.MyDenmarkTV.com 4 years ago

amoeba_disinteriaeoh yes

im leaving on june 27th for Copenhagen with my boyfriend and im really excited..i just cant wait to see places and meet people! 5 years ago

tenayastudy abroad

It looks like I am finally going to get to go to Denmark! I am signed up to study abroad there from June – December. It all hinges on whether or not I can raise the scholarship money, now. 5 years ago

hnielsAlmost got there!

I did finally get to Europe this year for work but I went to Switzerland instead. Almost had a trip when I has there for work to head to Sweden and Denmark. Maybe next time! 5 years ago

salahunrealGoing to Denmark

Well, just to see if they have anything interesting out there…
does they?
:P 6 years ago

ShawnaHappy, Happy

Noted as one of the top 3 Happiest Place on Earth, I am beyond curious; I am driven to see what it is that makes Denmark such a happy place. 6 years ago


I would like to visit Denmark this year. 6 years ago

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