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Starting on Feb 15 2012. 2 years ago

zhoustart from July3

I took the first yesterday afternoon, some coach has known me since I have been there for practising several years ago. This time I have a goal, and I attend a lesson that can take to black belt in three years. The coach told me that I have to take classes at least three times per week, I promised it and asked them also to supervise me and be strict with me. I hope I can have an improvment soon. 2 years ago

Ben ByrneOn and off

I’m currently a member of the ITF (International Taekwondo federation)but had to stop attending sessions due to other financial needs. I used to, and will again, study under Darrin Bodfield a 8th dan black belt international instructor from Northampton.
It is one of the hardest workouts you can imagine and one of the most for-filling things a person can do. Regardless of age and fitness you can join a Taekwondo school as long as you have the correct insurance, which a good instructor should set up for you. Just have a search in google for groups in your area and give them a call, most instructors charge around 30 quid a month, so if you can afford it, stop talking about it and do it! 3 years ago

earthsoldieralways wanted to

i wonder if im too old to start
i am a bit of a slob un atheletic and outa shape (well dead skinny…)
you guys think maybe is hould join a gym n get a bit fit before tryin this out ? 3 years ago

jbguy75I wish I still did this.

I started taking Tae Kwon Do while in high school. It was a lot of fun and it was challenging. I studied Mudukwon Tae Kwon Do and earned my second degree Red belt (just one belt away from black). I have to say that this is one of my proudest achievements in life. After my second year in college I had to give it up because of my financial status and the inability to find a school that met my expectations. I wish I was still doing this and Will get my Black belt before I die. 4 years ago

sakuracallingI've started Taekwondo...

I took my very first class today. It seems to be me and a bunch of school kids and I’ve a feeling my Korean will have to improve pretty quickly… but I loved it, just need to keep up going three times a week. 5 years ago

JohnYellow belt

I was presented with my yellow belt last week. The test went well. I’ve learned two new forms and am looking forward to progressing. I’m having a blast too! 5 years ago

Eford0141st Don

I had my black belt testing at the start of December, and I have passed. I am now an instructor, and I have been concentrating on helping families who decide to join. This has marked a very special time in my life and things are all falling together. My wife and I are now expecting a baby, and could not be happier. Tae Kwon Do has done so much for me, and I love training and instructing. 5 years ago


Had class again last night. I’m really enjoying it so far and glad I got off my ass to do it. 5 years ago


Had class tonight. I don’t have a uniform yet, but I sure am busting my ass and feeling it. Fun stuff. 5 years ago

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