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Show my nipples thru a shirt

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sexysuzzy69I wear see throug shirts

I am a woman and love to wear see though blouses and expose my nippes so guys can see maybe you think that is wrong but hey if you got it flaunt it that is why God made them attractive to men right? and what is wrong in a littl flirtting guys like my breasts and I like having guys see them :) 3 years ago

nipplesanddimesnipples thru a top

Another thing I want to do ever so much!!!
I dare to go out in public very rarely able to do that as I don’t feel the freedom. But when I do, it is sooooo exciting.
Then I just want to go a step further. Show everything.
Again take me somewhere that I can have the freedom to expose the beauties and enjoy. And BE enjoyed. 7 years ago

PureRomancebyDarlenethink about where you are going

There is a time & place for everything. At church or for business, absolutely NOT. But when having fun, it feels great! 8 years ago


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