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learn to walk in high heels

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applepieAhh why it's so hard!

Just browsed an online shopping site and there are soo many gorgeous high heels! I wish I could wear them! But I still can’t walk on high heels even I’ve been practicing it for many days. My feet hurt really bad when I walk on high heels and I feel as if I’m falling down at any second… 2 years ago

applepieMy first pair of high heels :P

I finally bought my first pair of high heels! They are really gorgeous. Can’t wait to wear them out on the street:) 2 years ago

Chococynjust started....

I´m eyeing as a goal to wear 10 cm stilettos, and get myself a pair of christian Louboutin when I manage….
I have a pair of angle boots, with a chunkier 7 cm heel (similar to the picture). So I started with wearing these at work, one day this week.
It felt fine, I didn´t feel too uncomfortable and didn´t feel “too sexy” for work either. So step one yeah !! 2 years ago


Wore a pair of medium height heels during the New Years Eve house party I attended. I walked fine in them (except for if I needed to go fast on the wood floor), but took them off later in the night because they HURT your TOES! God, is it because I weigh 140 pounds? 2 years ago

artificiallysweetbought a cute pair of heels

I bought a cute pair of 100% leather high heels for 50% off during the Christmas sales. they are not very tall so they are perfect for learning in :) 2 years ago


And dance! 2 years ago


I have started doing this already. I think it’s time to complete my goals already. I saw a video on YouTube. This older lady was teaching how to walk in them due to a request, they always said to put your weight on your toes, she kept saying barbie toes. I didn’t get it till I tried it. The heels still hurt but that’s because I’m still fat but I’m getting the hang of it. 2 years ago


got a new pair of stilettos and they are gorgeous! and very comfortable. 2 years ago


walking a lot more often in them and wearing them through out the day. so low heels and wedges are done. time to use stilettos :/ 2 years ago


been practicing a lot lately, and will continue to do so. starting of with low heels, for safety’s sake lol. tend to feel a bit awkward though, feel as though my posture goes all weird. 3 years ago

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