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Become a model

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I just got a photoshot with Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue my first photoshoot to fandom ! Dashing on you hoes -—> 7 months ago

Nohla MoknaModelling

Lingerie and swimsuit/face 12 months ago

zmcnaryI wanna become a model

I would love to become a model but I see that it is hard because I can’t find a good agency to represent me. It is my dream become a professional model. But I won’t give up I know my dream will come true. 13 months ago

Loren Poppetpetite modelling

Well, as a teenager like most of the girls I wanted to be a model. But I was too short and I had some weight on.
Later on when I became superskinny I was still too petite…

Now I clicked on a facebook ad of a modelling agency and I saw on opportunity that they are looking “petite models” too!

I am just 160 cms. :) But it would be great to do some modelling. I mean I would love to see my photo at Oxford street in super big size like 6 meters x 4 meters or something like that :D or in fashion magazines.
And also it can be a good money for my medical studies.

But unfortunately I am not ready yet in my recent form.
I have to do plenty of things but as they are for me and I should do them anyway to feel better in my body I will do it! 16 months ago


I am a very entergetic person. I love expressing myself with pictures! I think modeling would be perfect
For me. Everyone in my family is saying i should be a model! 2 years ago

SavannahNanah2Ki Realy Wannah be Come a Model

i Wanted To Do this is i Was Little 2 years ago

london890becoming a model

i always wanted to be a model since i was a little girl!!!!i really want to model.

london 2 years ago

Mistystar519Need to become a model

Hey i am 11, weight about 78 lbs, height 4,5, i love it when the camera is on me, i am very beatiful, and i would be a very awesome model. I also love to dance. 2 years ago

nightia isaachi everyone

hey.my name nightia isaac.i’m 18 years old,becoming an model always be dream of mines.i’m frienly,very easy going.and i beleive i can give 250% in my work.i weight around 110pound.
i love to take pictures of myself and expressing my body and face.willing to help me contact me at
nighty_isaac@hotmail.com.thanu you 2 years ago


I should just resolve to get over my fear of driving and get my license already so I can take my self to the photo shoots…and I need to get in shape.

Turns out the only one who can hold you from your dreams is yourself. 3 years ago

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