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Crystal"Woah! She's got a personality!"

In a new circle of friends just a few days ago, I made an off-color joke. I was afraid of how it might go over, being that I just spouted off without thinking, and everyone sort of sat and stared for a moment. Just when I was about to crawl into a hole and die, one of the guys exclaimed (no joke here): “Woah! She’s got a personality!” So… What? Everyone thinks I’m just a pretty face? ; )
The problem is that I remain cautious around new people until I get to know them. I am nice, quiet, polite, I hang back and listen, I take it all in, and then when I feel like it’s safe, I’ll come into full color in the blink of an eye.
I really need to work on this goal… I can’t imagine all of the amazing people I’ve missed out on by not showing all of who I am right away. I know that I wouldn’t hang around for a month and wait to find out if some shell-of-a-person actually had a really great personality in there somewhere… 6 years ago


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