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I’m going abroad twice this year to two countries I have never been, so I am excited :) 12 months ago

Mr_Accountant2013 Travel

I spent 2 weeks in Boston during January, its was work but it still counts. In February I went to Stockholm for 3 nights. My next big trip is in August, I will be flying to Tallinn, will spend 2 nights there, then getting a train to St Petersburg, will spend 3 nights there before getting another train to Helsinki, I will spend 2 nights in Helsinki before going home. 13 months ago


Go for 2 weeks. That’s a good start 13 months ago


go to geneva every month, and to fashionable get-aways; do this by working and signing on and stealing off friends and borrowing from my kids. you have to really want it and know you’re worth it! 14 months ago

meowkinsGoing 10 hours away.

It’s not very far but it’s my little escape. Packing starts now. 15 months ago

lapelirrojachicaUp and Coming

First up-ski trip at the end of the month! 15 months ago

UphillDriveCanada, Peru, & SA

Canada for the New Year, then Peru in March for my birthday. Then South Africa in June. So stoked! 16 months ago

daniela74remarkable places in California, USA

I moved in San Diego California one month ago and I would like to visit the best places in California. Los Angeles is one. 16 months ago

Mr_AccountantYTD Travel

As already mentioned this goal was tricky because it conflicted with my others goals such as paying off my debt. However I achieved three other important goals this year which were to find a new job, earn more money and make new friends. By doing these it opened up more possibilities in my life. As a result I have been to the following places this year:

London (Twice with third trip planned for a wedding in December)

Next year I will be going to Dallas for a week for work and will be taking my 2 weeks trip of a lifetime to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. If I can squeeze in a city break too then I will. 17 months ago

Marcia MaxfieldIceland

Coming soon. I’m wondering why I chose a cold place instesd of a hot sunny place. I really am excited and can’t wait to climb up the frozen waterfall then soak in the hot springs. 17 months ago

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