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zdechlinkaBachelor's Diploma

I’ve finished one of my bachelor’s diplomas!
It feels so exhilrating!

Now for the next step:
- finish my English diploma paper! 1 week ago

MaggieMagicWill start working on this in 2016

I need to save up first. I won’t care about whether my grades are high or not. Grades won’t matter anymore. The learning would matter most. And the completion of course. I won’t take no for an answer. I will graduate in 2018/2019 no matter what. 1 week ago


It’s been quite hard lately.
I took a semester off and I’ve been struggling with coming back to the studying routine. And with work and all that… it’s a bit overwhelming.
But I do want to finish school this summer so a great deal of determination and motivation (and a shitload of precautions) is in order.

First thing is to get rid of all the distraction.
Like….tumblr. Oh god.
I downloaded Cold Turkey a while back – which is an amazing thing, it blocks all the websites that distract you for a period of time and it cannot be undone by anything – not by restarting the computer, not by uninstalling the application. It’s brilliant.
This is gonna be tough.
But I think it’s necessary.
I’m blocking tumblr for a week (cause the app only allows you to go a week into the future…I’ll do another week after this – although I’m pretty sure I won’t even remember tumblr a week from now). 3 weeks ago


My mom got my degree in the mail (she’s my permanent address) the day before we left for Kauai, good feeling. I still haven’t seen it. 2 months ago

Celestial_FoxChanged major

I changed my major. Even though I’d expect to have that set me back, if I work hard enough, I will graduate a semester early—which is by the end of this year! 3 months ago

johnestEverthing in

As of yesterday I got all my assignments in on time. A day of feeling accomplished, and then on to the job market. 3 months ago

Life and HopeSometimes when things are falling apart they're coming together..

I was willing to live off Redbull for 2 weeks to give it my best go, but it wasn’t looking like I’d be able to do almost an entire quarter of makeup before the last day. – long story.. some obstacles beyond my control, a lot to juggle with no room for slack, and some crazy stress/sorrow weighing on me..
First quarter back on campus was rough.

But hey.. Thank you Spanish professor for making near no accommodations for my disability until the home stretch?
Thank you Disability Resources for taking !3 weeks! to get me my necessary Psychology textbooks.
Thank you Psych professor for being so ridiculously understanding of me hanging in there even if it didn’t work out.
And..Thank you government agency for.. not paying my sitter… who quit, thus in the end giving me a “get out of jail free card”

I’m a glass half full kind of person laughs
So.. Winter quarter begins soon.. Retaking the same classes, except Spanish with a different professor who is apparently more reasonable.

Thank goodness for 2nd chances..
and.. 3rd chances..
and.. 4th chances haha 4 months ago

MeganLife List

I am going to temporarily move this to the Given Up section, but I haven’t really given up…just for now. School isn’t something I can take on right now. I will get to it eventually. I have it on my Life List (see my goal about 500 Life Goals). It being on my list now is just causing me stress every time I see it. I just reminds me of the mistake I made by “taking a semester off”.
But time to let that go! I will do it someday, but there is no need for it on my list right now. 5 months ago

Cassie FUntitled

Most people think I already have a degree, and then I have the embarassing moment where I tell them that I only have two classes left. It’s more embarassing than telling people I am gay and for three years – in order to avoid talking about my college experience with employers – I worked minimum wage jobs, sometimes more than one at once – gas station cashier, fast food cook, factory worker. It wasn’t until I finally started telling people – regular customers or coworkers – that I had college experience and they expressed surprise, that I realized I had to finish and do something better. I was working at a Qdoba in a college town and this we had this customer who was a super snotty professor for a state university – he found out I had college experience and immediately assumed that I was a student at the local community college. It was so satisfying to tell him that I had actually gone to a mid-grade liberal arts school (which is way more selective than a community college). Yeah, dude, I used to be smart once. I just got tired of hiding – and the economy got a little better and I have a decent office job now and could almost afford to finish those classes (I’m missing two 300-level classes from a private institution two hours away. The classes cost about 4000 bucks a piece without scholarships and I’m going to have to pull teeth to get them to let me transfer a class in).
But I think I can do it. I worry about the money because if my car breaks or I lose my apartment, I won’t have a job anymore. I also worry that my crappy transcript will still hinder me but … my girlfriend is graduating from a state university in Dec. and it bothers me immensely that she can finish and I can’t. So I have to. Because I can’t resent us both over it.
Also – I can’t let it go. It chaps my fucking hyde that I didn’t finish. I’m a first generation college attendee – my mom started college after I did but she went to community college and she never really did anything with it and her experience was insanely harder. My dad had kids and never really got to go. My older siblings didn’t have what I did. I have to do this – for my parents, for my future kids. Sacrifices were made for me and I was luckier than most – my dad works in a factory, my mom is disabled, my brother works construction and my sister is deeply in debt and hates her job. I’m lucky – and it drives me insane to think about how much opportunity I casually flushed down the shitter.
And – there’s the other side of the coin – the motivation to show the bastards. There’s that snotty professor – but he is long gone now and I think I’ve matured into a decent human being, despite that one big failure, and I don’t really care what he thinks of me anymore.
College is weird, too, because I went there to “be somebody” and I fucking am somebody so I don’t know if I need it like I used to. But maybe someday I’ll want to be somebody different and this will help out down the line.
Then there’s what might be holding me back – because not graduating college has been the single biggest motivator of my life for the past three years – it has provided me fuel when I needed it most. Failing really fucked me up and I decided never to let it happen like that again. So there’s that.
Over, under, through. 5 months ago


I think that I may need to go to an Edmonton college. I really want to get my degree. Figuring out how to pay for school will be tough but it’ll be important in the end to actually do it. http://www.abes.ca/why_abes.html 5 months ago

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