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Give away my gmail invites


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shiraabelAges ago

When Gmail first started. Ok, not when it first started – but not much further off than that. 2 years ago

David TalbotI offered...

I made the offer and a few people took me up on it. I guess it’s less of an issue now that more people are using Gmail. Removing this from my list so I can get some more useful things on there! 5 years ago

thestrengthsofcowYou don't need to get invites anymore...

...because you can just sign up. I g i v e UP! 6 years ago


Do they even have them anymore? I don’t even know that many people I actually like enough to invite them to gmail. 6 years ago

QueenChristinesad but true

give ‘em away is now pretty impossible. 6 years ago

QueenChristinecan't Give them away

as noted, it’s open sign up 6 years ago

Janine WhiteGet it for yourself

If you want a Gmail account, get it for yourself! Just go to http://mail.google.com/mail/signup to sign up. 6 years ago


if gmail will give me an ipod for every 50 invites i send out…. 7 years ago


I don’t mind that I have them, but it feels wasteful to have and not use.

Especially since Gmail really is a great email service. 7 years ago

krissness46 left

Keep emailing me – there are 46 left! 7 years ago

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