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meet new people

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ejmartenIt seems that this sorta happens naturally

I need to set my goals better. 4 months ago

Destroy_Her_DreamsIt depends

People tend to suck, but if you’re patient (oh royal you), and smart about it. Oh, yes… 4 months ago


Hello tomorrow ! 6 months ago


i want to do this now 7 months ago


Be more open with new people. More inviting. 12 months ago

tosin_oneighbour for sports, folks at work, but I still haven't met Rafa ;)

someday I’ll play sports (swim, synchro, etc) and be healthier than ever, but for now I watch. I hung out with my neighbour to watch the African Cup. His living room is sort of a viewing station for football and I also go there for major tennis tournaments. They’re from a difft part of the country so it’s a nice experience. And they’re mostly guys, so they like me ;)

at work i’m really quiet except with my students where well the love is mutual.

You know I adore Rafa Nadal, right? Can’t wait to meet him :) 13 months ago

martin dennismeeting new people to join as a social network group

interested in people who are into social networking social marketing, sports music computers 16 months ago


If I had to be honest, it was a product of being in a completely different environment and joining different organizations and groups. Definitely worth doing! But, as always, you have to take the first step. 16 months ago

Heart BeatI've met a lot of new people

the past few months. I feel like I’ve honed my friend-making skills a bit. It doesn’t seem so difficult now. I’m also doing better at keeping in touch with old friends. 16 months ago

tosin_oI'm not meeting people

Let’s be honest. I’m always reading or writing, always on the internet. Won’t pick up the phone, won’t even chat on social media. Heaven knows what sort of weirdo I am. 17 months ago

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