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be in love (and be loved in return)

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We’ve been together since November 25th 2007! :) Our son was born on October 18 2008 and we’re a happy little family! 6 years ago

nikkimLove found me

I was going about my life when I met my boyfriend of six months. He loves me and I love him. 6 years ago


After really thinking about it, there is no way to meet this goal when you are looking for it to happen. I think life should be lived to the fullest you can each day, and if this is something holding you back, then you are thinking to much about it… Therefore, this has become a bit obsolete.

Besides, I already had a similar goal on my list. 7 years ago

hood0rOpen your heart !

Looking for good sex, financial gain, a “friend” or to avoid being disappointment is never going to lead you to falling in love. It is only when you open up your emotions that your intuition starts to come to the fore. You need this intuition, because being selective is the key. If you give too much of yourself away, there isn’t enough for the next person who comes along.

Also, drop the losers ! If you’re still thinking about some guy you can’t have, then you are not available and he will be like a phantom boyfriend that you are cheating on when you go out with other guys.

Personally, I can say that I’ve been in love a few times. None of those times resulted in marriage, but I’ve been able to bounce back from the heartache with relative ease. It’s good to help other people find love and happiness. I find that brings love into my own life.

I HATE!!!!! games, and I’ve never tried to be someone’s friend when I knew damn well that I wanted more from the start (which wasn’t sex, by the way). 7 years ago


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