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work on my abs

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roost88Gotta do it...

I hate working my abs because it hurts so goddamn much, but I gotta just “suck it up” and get this done. 17 months ago


My tummy is almost flat again!

Zumba is really fun though. My mom bought it as a birthday present to herself. 3 years ago

vylimeemilyOctober 5, 2010

Worked on my abs for the first time this month. I plan on doing this every night before I go to bed.

My mom bet that she’d beat me to getting abs first. I highly doubt that, cause I’m almost there. Ahaha. 3 years ago

vylimeemilySort of

I did 100 crunches last night! Let’s see if I can keep this up. Wish me luck, ha! 3 years ago

Ashley S.Work on my abs

Something that I’ve done on and off for years now. This time I want to stick with it. It’s going to be something very easy to do since I have no belly fat so that’s an awesome start. I just need to push and motivate myself. Woo! 4 years ago

indigostringsset up in my basement. in a good spot

100 reps 3X a week… great benefits! 4 years ago

Ipassedi hate my flabby

i want to have a nice stomich i am not fat i am good but i have flab i could loose it off but i dont try 5 years ago

indigostringsmachine is set up in my room

No more excuses! I did 102 reps the other day (6 sets of 17) and it felt great! 5 years ago

joie de vivreRekindling this goal

I’m going to set a baseline tonight, and then see what my new goal is going to be.

Edited to add: I could do 125 without stopping. And they’re honest ones, not the kind that just exercise my neck :-). I’m only a teeny sore this morning, so that should be my baseline.

The problem is that doing sit-ups is incredibly dull. I might try to do them to music or something, because doing 200 sit-ups in a session is rather off-putting. 6 years ago


I’m on spring break, and I’m watching TV more with the extra free time. Every other day, I’ve tried to do some crunches during commercials. I probably do 30 or so each time. Now I need to continue doing crunches without the TV watching when school starts. 6 years ago

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