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lose 10 lbs

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Rameez Sarwaryeah looking bad nowadays

lose your weight

My self 14 months ago

aak512How I plan to accomplish this

1. Work out 50-60 minutes 5 times per week
2. Limit my food intake to 1100 calories per day
3. Take the stairs in the parking garage
4. Weigh myself frequently to stay accountable 14 months ago


So, I gained 4 lbs. in the last week (because of over-eating at parties). I know what happened: this time I pushed myself wayyy too far. Plus, I haven’t been able to start eating healthy again because I have cake practically being shoved in my face. I’m sure all the tea I’ve been drinking has helped me not get ABOVE 132 lbs. I mean, 132 lbs. is a healthy weight, but knowing that just last week I was 128 lbs. (and only 3 lbs. away from my goal) really hurts. So…I don’t know what I’m gonna do. There’s gonna be another party on Sunday.
Oh, and I started out my week by not getting enough sleep so I barely have any energy to work out (I haven’t worked out since Friday). 14 months ago


4 more to go! in under a month I hope! 14 months ago


So it is Wednesday, my regular weigh-in day. I lost 1.4 lbs. since last week -
So now, I am 128.4 lbs. I have been binging a lot during the weekends because of parties and get-togethers (I ate over a pound of frozen yogurt on Friday…), but I think the exercise and tea and healthy eating afterwards has really helped balance things out. 128.4lbs. is the lowest weight I have been (since I stopped growing, of course), so I think I will be reaching my goal weight soon!! :) 14 months ago


Kay, so somehow I managed to stay at the EXACT same weight of 129.8 lbs., even after a weekend of non-stop eating. Obviously I wish I had lost a little more, but the fact that I didn’t gain is fantastic news so I’m good :P 14 months ago


So proud of myself. So far, I’ve managed to have lost five lbs. since last Wed. Half way there!!! :D 15 months ago


So I didn’t eat the healthiest yesterday, however I did manage to drink 9 cups of tea, so that should help. Also, I didn’t eat as much as I believe I did, so that’s good :) 15 months ago


I accidentally said I complete this already so I had to start over…Don’t have my old posts, not that it matters. 15 months ago


well, actually I want to lose more like 40lbs lol, but this is a first good step! 15 months ago

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