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live a minimalist lifestyle


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lemmingBasically doing it, and this is one of those unmeasurable goals

I’ve considered myself a minimalist since 2010. I don’t go crazy counting my possessions, and I haven’t gone all-digital with books or CDs. But I do go through and purge regularly, and feel itchy when I can name you more than a couple of things I really shouldn’t own anymore.

My “aspirational possessions” are very few and carefully chosen.

The stuff I do have is, mostly, nice, and I get rid of an old thing when I get a new thing. So I think I’ll use my list for more measurable things, and get rid of this very goal. :) 7 months ago


When I came to this country I bought with me only a 60 litre bag and one other smaller one.

My flat is 100 square foot

When I moved into the flat out of my bigger shared one, I had accumulated so much stuff in one year that it took several trips to move in when it should have been one.

I don’t have alot of things but when I’m down or sad I like to buy clothes, which are bulky to store. Clothes is the main problem. I don’t have much stuff stuff. 9 months ago

SonyMinimalist Kitchen

My Kitchen Gadgets Extravaganza
(in the order of usage frequency)

  1. Kettle: A very simple kettle – very handy for making tea/coffee/hot water for my hot water bag
  2. Microwave Oven: I use it a lot for reheating and defrosting.
  3. Oven & Stove Top: I don’t use the Oven that much. I use the Stove top for cooking which is a rare thing in my house. Believe me, that’s gonna change soon
  4. Knife Set and Cutting Board: A beautiful Jamie Oliver Knife Set of which honestly only 2 knives are used regularly – Utility Knife and Chef’s Knife. Not much of a Bread person nor do I carve meat at home.
  5. Refrigerator: Enough said!
  6. Smoothie Maker: My Kenwood Smoothie Maker is quite handy to make fruit juices, easy to carry and clean.
  7. Food Processor: I use my Philips HR7774 rarely – but it is quite handy for chopping, grinding and making smoothies.
  8. Vegetable Peeler: Rarely used (may be only potatoes). But I use it more than the knife when peeling veggies.
  9. Box Grater: Again, very rarely used. Usually resort to my knive(s) or food processor.
  10. Can-opener: Used once-in-a-while… mostly when I resort to semi-cooking phase (i.e. getting canned fish/fruits/veggie instead of fresh)
  11. Drainer: Could do away without this, but currently used to hold plates/bowls weeks after they are washed.


  1. Pressure Cooker: Currently not working – but was useful to prepare rice or boil dal quickly.
  2. Saucepan: Usually used to make curries (Yes – Indian Style)
  3. Wok: Usually used to make dry side dishes (Yes,again – Indian Style)
  4. Wooden Spoons: I have at least 2 of them
  5. Measuring Cup: Used to measure less and as a cup more (to add water while cooking)
  6. Measuring Spoons: Used extensively to add spices while cooking.
  7. Two deep plates: Usually used to hold chopped (or pre-chopped) vegetables
  8. Two bowls: To hold curries/side dishes while being served at the dining table
  9. Steamer: My 3 piece steamer set helps me boil rice while defrosting/steaming vegetables.
  10. Mixing Bowl: Used only when making ice creams… which is becoming a norm these days. ;)



  1. A red and white dinner set which has 4 each of plates, side plates, bowls and mugs with matching placemats
  2. A cutlery set that has 4 each of small spoon, large spoon, fork and knife


  1. Mason Jars: Used to hold Rice, Flours, Misc. Grains and Pulses, Grated Coconut
  2. Spices: Stored in one of those “fancy” spice storage systems
  3. Canisters: Stores Coffee powder and Sugar. Tea bags stay in their original packing

Post Incomplete. This will be updated with more details and may be some pictures as I take the inventory of my kitchen and throw away stuff this weekend11 months ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What this goal means to me?

This has been on my personal life list for longer than I dare to imagine. However, I keep wavering on this one. One day, I want to live this most optimised minimalist life like a nomad or a pilgrim and next day I want to do it all King-size. (No points for guess what is the size of bed, and this is when I am single and not looking! ;) )

I want to however make conscious choices going forward with regards to my utility usages, purchases, environments and review my appetite for a minimalist lifestyle.

This has been a great motivation, I must say!

Why do I want to do this?

Do I?!? Unsure :(

How do I plan to progress with this goal?

For starters, go through some websites and gain knowledge on what it means to be a minimalist. My key resources will be

(I better get minimalist on my “study material” ;) )

Next step would be to “declutter” the following areas in my lives (in no particular order)
  1. Wardrobe
  2. Fridge ;)
  3. Kitchen Utensils
  4. Books, CDs, DVDs and other media
  5. Gadgets
  6. Collections (e.g. Philately)
  7. Furnitures
  8. Thoughts

When do I see myself taking this off my goal list?

Since this is something that I am “trying out” now, I will leave this until the end of this year. I may contemplate on it and take it out (give up or complete) hopefully end of the year based on my experiences this year. 11 months ago

Gabriel2012For what its worth

Well I’ve been away for a while. My girl and I split and I have my own place. It’s a kick a.. apartment in Kettering Ohio (very well ranked school district). its a simple 2 bedroom layout on the top floor, with a balcony , plus within walking distance from ” Fraze” pavilion. I guess everything works it’s self out within time….. 12 months ago

aisa_basiaReduced my 2014 Food (Grocery and Dinning Out) spending by 50% vs 2013

I recently have a shift of thinking/change about Financial Freedom (aka the ability to do what I want to do and not having to work for money).

My ultimate goal is to be able to retire by 45 by replacing all of my earned wage with passive incomes/payouts. I have a long ways to go but am working on making progress towards it.

I’ve identify Food (both Grocery/Dinning Out) as my biggest black hole. Although I documented every single transaction/receipt on a spreadsheet to keep track with my monthly spending; so I know my numbers is pretty accurate. However, it is rather high comparing to the norm because of my weakness to snack and indulge in food.

My goal for the year 2014 is to reduced my “Food” spending category by 50% vs. the year 2013 without living on just rice and bean inspired diet. I want to be able to still consume mostly organic or healthy grown/minimally processed food that would be wholesome for my body yet within my preferred budget (aka 50% less than year 2013).

If I succeed, then I will invest this amount into dividend generate portfolio so I can quickly reach my Financial Freedom status.

I am affirming the following:
*I joyfully open myself to great happiness and abundance.
*Releasing my desires to the universe brings abundance and freedom into my life.
*There is a continuous stream of wealth and abundance in my life.
*Today I bless my being with limitless abundance.
*I have enough money to travel whenever I want.

In gratitude,
Aisa 12 months ago

yogagal1Donated old as I acquired 'new' stuff

Got some new hand-me down pots/pans so I gave my old ones to Goodwill ao that there isn’t an increase in the net amount of things that I have. 13 months ago

Puggalive a minimalist lifestyle

working on that… =) 16 months ago

yogagal1Stop buying useless things ! or puesdo-useful

The person I currently share an apt is a different person than I . I noticed that she bought 2 $15 bath mats. I decided to buy them too a month or two later.

I realized after using them for 1 week or so that they easily got dirty, I didn’t have the time / energy to clean them and I ‘d spend $14+tax on them: something that I would have gone with out. 16 months ago

raimssiMinimalism on my mind.

It’s been five years since I wrote about minimalism here. The idea still lives in me, but my living conditions have changed since then. I now share a flat with my significant other and we own all the furniture etc. in here. I’ve realized it is not that easy to be a minimalist anymore. I can only dream of the days when I could pack everything in a single backpack or suitcase and go wherever I wanted. That isn’t my dream anymore, I enjoy having a place called ‘home’, but I still want my life to be free from consumerism and too many distractions.

I think this goal is unachievable in a sense that it will never be fulfilled. Minimalism has become a way of self-improvement for me, and that indeed is an ongoing process. 17 months ago

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