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“I am building my future by my present thoughts, actions and desires”

-Mary T. Browne The Power Of Karma 13 months ago


“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” – Dorothy Thompson 13 months ago

axel grobertwww.badmusic.de

love life 14 months ago


One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. 14 months ago


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain 15 months ago


i cant believe how much ive changed. my whole perspective is different, so different, and i feel so happy (others arent so much). idk whether its…contempt, or jealousy or something, but im happy for me and thats that. 17 months ago

randysableThe unskilled and undeserving.

Some days, when I least expect it, I still see the muskellunge on the surface, just before he turned his head from the side of the boat and bit through the line; causing our tiny craft to rock back from the release of a heavy weight as he smoothly pivoted into the wave and disappeared into inky blackness.

It shouldn’t still bother me, they’re a fish of ten thousand casts I’m told. The apex predator larger than anything else in our land so over-fished that for the chance to even cast a line in their waters one must make at least a full day’s drive. And I’d somehow managed to accidentally hook him while jigging for walleye. Which really meant in the end he had come to me through no skill of my own. It’s true I had gotten it to the surface by myself and even to the boat, but as we all know, nothing counts until it’s out of the net and into your arms.

The more I think about it the more it makes me realize that perhaps what happened was just a chance to inspire motivation. That even though I had no skill at casting, through some blinding amounts of luck, I got to experience what some people spend years planning, hoping, and trying for. That I had received a preview by the hands of fate at what one could accomplish should they be so ambitious to dedicate themselves towards it. It’s odd to think about this level of despair and self-reflection over a fish that wasn’t caught.

Because in the end, really we release them all anyway. 20 months ago


These past two weeks I went to GenCon, an amazing hoop jam downtown and today I’m going to the White River Gardens for the first time.
I’m definitely doing good on this goal and feeling good about it. Things are coming back together every day for me since I went through ‘the thing.’
And I’ve never appreciated something more in my entire life. 20 months ago


“What we are all really seeking is an experience where we can feel the rapture of being alive.” – Joseph Campbell 21 months ago


having some major breakthroughs lately. None of which I’ve discussed on here, and don’t really plan on explaining it. The main thing is, I’m living. And, as I said before, couldn’t mean more to me right now. I’m still in the house, but I’m alive and aware and it’s great.
Time is the best healer.
And music. Music has definitely given me peace when I couldn’t find any otherwise. And hooping. Hoop with headphones in for hours. Hell yeah. That’s when I feel alive. 22 months ago

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