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Fairygirl11's Fairy class for beginners!

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Lola FlemingUntitled

I really want to unlock my potential as a fairy, I just hope i dont hurt anyone trying 2 years ago


when do we start? 2 years ago


19 now…........... 2 years ago

littlehillbillplz start

there are 18 people can we start now? 2 years ago


So…...when does class start? 2 years ago


Yeah Buddy! 2 years ago

Yaz ❤Untitled

Oh can i join this class plz, i really want to be a fairy since i was a little girl right now im 12, i always believe in magic (my user:P) and i am the only one from my family [both sides] who thinks that all this is real. Anyway Im new on this site, and i really wanna join, THANKS!
PS srry for the bother, i reall dont know wat to do, a big shame ik 2 years ago


I’m new but just right now my cat is act weird it’s like she is frozen and only her tail moves cause right now I said a spell to make me a fairy and then this happened WHAT DO I DO2 years ago

bored_ayoohelp D:

com’on 2 years ago

§ŧαπғłοωεπ Untitled

ho to school for the evolved it’ll be better since we’ve go the wole concept down we’re thinking of harry potter theme lol 2 years ago

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