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save 2000 dollars

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As a full time student, saving money is difficult. I’ll finally get some put away and before I know it I’ll need textbooks or a bus pass or whatever else.

My plan is to open a bank account separate from my current bank and make it so that I have to a teller to withdraw funds.

I’m going to try to work two jobs this summer and keep expenses to a minimum. No more carrying more then five dollars or my bank card for me! 3 years ago


So far I have a little over 1,000 in savings. I am determined to not take it out of my savings! I should be able to accomplish this goal soon since I start my job in the next couple of days. 5 years ago


I set up a direct deposit account today. Now I can’t cash my checks at work and spend money before I even leave!

Need to confirm with the bank my direct deposit is secure. Dump my coin bowl out for the coin machine. See if I can’t unlock my CD account and pour my checking into it (I never touch my savings account). 5 years ago

CaitlynSavings Update

Even though I have the big goal of saving 60,000 dollars by the time I am 31, I also wanted to have smaller savings goals, that could be accomplished faster.

I really want to focus on saving (and paying of my credit card), and trying really hard to not buy things that I do not need. Saving will also be easier since Alli is working on moving in, which means we can grocery shop together, and plan meals, and not have to use as much gas.

Savings total so far: $500.02 5 years ago

CaitlynPutting this aside for now

So as much as I want to save, I think it is best to first pay off my credit card, and then put what I have left from the month into savings. I will continue to save, but not nearly as much as I had wanted to. I will also continue to put coins and, extra money I have into my piggy bank. For now the piggy bank is going to be used for the apartment, or other similar expenses. However, I am not going to count the money into it is full! 5 years ago

insteurmentI need 2000 dollars

Saving up money to go to Germany.
Hopefully I can make it! 5 years ago


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