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learn bellydance

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helenagmartinsnot this year

soooo I did some classes but I AM ALREADY doing 3 kinds of dances, so bellydance was a littel too much for me this year. May be if I find a course in the summer or next year when I review what are the things I’ll do for a hobby… :) 13 months ago

helenagmartinsdancing now

I ended up not staying in the classes at the school in 2010, but I signed up again in classes yesterday :))))) We’ll see, I’m so excited about this :)) 19 months ago


way: everyday at night,including back home days. at least 30 minutes. community infrastration practice 30 minutes.
obstacle: rainy day, busy
reward:cyber shopping on the internet- skirt 2 years ago

helenagmartinssigned up for classes!!

There is a near by dance school hosting lessons! I’m in!!!! :D 3 years ago


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