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swim underwater without holding my nose


Entries from everyone


be like a mermaid and disapear in the water forever, nobody will ever find me, just me and the ocean 4 years ago


i really have tried it and i still get water up my nose i even took lesson on just that i need rserious help 5 years ago

npgeorgeuwHolding my breath (getting my nose to plug)

-I was wondering if anyone else new anything about this: As a kid I was always to be found in the water, could go under, hold my breath with no water leaking past my nostrils. Sometime around 4th grade I had a boating accident and literally the water poured dowm my throat and I had to be (effectively) resuscitated. Since then, I’ve had to basically learn how to hold my breath underwater all over again and have to expell most (if not all) of my breath to get enough air through my nostrils to stop water from pouring down my throat. Since being a kid I broke my nose (and although not diagnosed by a doctor) I’m fairly certain I have a deviated septum. 2 things I’ve noticed that (reguardless of how much practice) I can’t do. 1 – breath evenly through each nostril and shut them off by muscle reflex. 2 – use any kind of scuba/snorkeling mask properly as for some reason I have no way to stop inhaling from both my mouth and my nose (I’ve tried for year and I can only do it while holding my nose which is absolutely not ideal when you’re trying to scuba dive.)

Anyways, this inability to hold my nostrils shut has become a bit detrimental to my enjoying water sports and was traumatic when I recently tried to learn how to scuba dive. My dad/his dad both have always had problems inhaling water and neither learned to swim (prolly as a consequence). I did learn how to swim and would like to know if anyone can help? Any ideas?
Surely I should be able to figure something out so I can learn to scuba? 7 years ago

RobM77Nose blockers and non nose blockers

Whilst you’re sat reading this, try blocking your nose off so that you can’t breath in through it. I haven’t read anything scientific proving this, but from asking round my friends it seems that about 90% of people can, and 10% of people can’t. I’m one of the unfortunate 10%. My girlfriend is an example of the 90% – and she can swim underwater without any water goingup her nose at all. I’m jealous!

Swimming teachers tell me I’m mad and that I just need to practise, but I’m 30 now and have had the problem since I learnt to swim as a kid.

There are two solutions to this: one is to exhale all the time you’re underwater. Personally, this doesn’t really work for me as the rate I need to exhale is too great to be practical. Try it though! I empty a full breath in about 3 seconds with this technique! The other solution is to wear a nose clip. I’ve found that not all of them work, in fact I’ve only just found one that does and it’s the fifth one I’ve tried. The one that worked for me is a ‘Smiley’ nose clip used for canoeing.

I totally sympathise with everyone on this comments page, as it is incredibly annoying not being able to enjoy swimming and watersports like other people do. I love water, so it is an absolute disaster that I have this problem! What makes this worse is that no-one really seems to know about it – most non nose blockers just don’t learn to swim. It’s the stubborn few of us that try and swim anyway that prove the point! 7 years ago

PJS268I'm 23 and I can't do it!

Ok, this is a big one for me . . . its gone beyond the point of annoying to the point where its totally affected my life. I can’t go under water without holding my nose. I was able to briefly in 3rd grade swimming lessons, but I got this drill saergent instructer who threw me in the water when I wasn’t prepared and almost drowned me, so I have been unable to since. It seriously has hurt my life. I was accepted to West Point, but chickened out of going because I found out they have a really hard swimming class your freshman year. Now THAT is a problem! 8 years ago


I want to join a swim team, for I love to swim and have been doing it since I was a baby. But I can’t swim under water without holding my nose! I’ve tried and tried but it never works. I always come up gagging and get all upset. I need help! 8 years ago




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