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March (4):
-Two short meditations near work
-One Sahaj Samadi refresher session
-One meditations at home 3 weeks ago


I’m meditating every day, as of the beginning of this year. Love it and how it makes me feel. 1 month ago

pancreas24601First Two Months

-One long kriya
-One short meditation near work

February (~9):
-Two short meditations near work
-Three-day Sahaj Samadi meditation course + 3 meditations at home
-Brief meditation during ayurvedic cooking course 1 month ago


Been going to a local meditation center weekly to get guidance for this. 1 month ago

Jules3J5 minutes

Darn it, why is this so hard? Missed a number of days in a row for the first time in many months. Beginning yet again…. 2 months ago

yogagal1Can make it done if I establish a practice for next few days

I can make this as done if I do it for next few days 2 months ago

seanameditated today

did some deep breathing and visualization techniques. 2 months ago


I’m looking to meditate at least 2 – 3 times a week, working up at least one session of 30 minutes. I should be there by June 2014 2 months ago


Look into the app known as Headspace. Totally worth it! 2 months ago

seanaplay tetris.

seriously, play tetris until you can see the pieces move and drop in your head. you can play it in your head, on your phone, on your computer or on your playstation. 3 months ago

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