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Become a Mermaid - Part 2


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HaleyXRubes (MagicalBlood)Untitled

Last attempt to make a spell.
What moon would be better for it?
—Was thinking of using a wax voodoo doll so I can morph the legs into a tail, should I do it?
- Also what herbs can be used for this? I’m not to sure?
—-I’m thinking of using black, silver, and blue candles.
—I’m incorporating all the elements, like in my last spell – (which was a loooong time ago) – As well as using beach sand, ocean water, shells, fish scales, a lock of my hair, some of my blood (pin prick—learned from other experiences last time…)
—Anything else I can do? Much appreciated. :) 11 months ago

HaleyXRubes (MagicalBlood)Untitled

If anyone wants to talk to me, http://late-nightswim.tumblr.com/
that is the place too. It’s my mermaid blog. Message me off anon and I will definitely answer you, help you, talk to you. 14 months ago


Hi! Im back…today….. so whats up guys? 15 months ago


hey guys its me 21 months ago

MermaidAngel22become a mermaid

please help me 23 months ago

ChiesaSorry my adhd

Look we all have our own opinions. I apologize I have ADHD and sometimes I just lose it. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I finally got my meds… My family is rather poor and sometimes we don’t have enough money for my medication for my ADHD. How about we all truce and become friends because that’s what I want 2 years ago

AquamarineWebsites to entertain and help practice mermaid skills!

the above website is a game where you serve at a mermaid juice bar.

decorating sea scenery. (above)

above is cooking fish cutlet online game and real recipe

above is mermaid dress up game. my favorite!

above is a website to take care of fish. I love this game!!!

another fish game where you cna customize fish, feed ‘em and do cool stuff!

feed turtles!

another mermaid dress up game!

and more dress up games

guess what? anothe dress up game!

ok thats all i have for now! 2 years ago

Rainbow185Mermaid Spell

Put you Mermaid spells here! 2 years ago


besides, arent we mermaids supposed to love all like we love ourselfs? 2 years ago


Greenpwns just closed her account forever :’C i cant believe shes REALLY gone this time

it doesnt really matter anymor of what shes said or did in the past.
it just hurts that she really left for real 2 years ago

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