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JadedForeverA Quick Call -

to my Mom today!
Short & sweet, like me!

-JF 21 months ago

JadedForeverI'm Sinking... -

I love my Mom!
I really do.
But I just need a break.

She is ringing my phone off the hook.
She doesn’t like it when other people do it to her, so why is it OK for her to do it to me all the time?

She’s calling me like every half hour about the same thing.
I just can’t talk to her right now…

She is really stressing me out.

I have been running errands for her.
Taking her to lunch.
Grocery shopping for her.
Keeping her company.

But she still act like it’s not enough.
I just don’t have anything else to give right now…

-JF 21 months ago

JadedForeverUgh -

I have to make an uncomfortable phone call today.
I’m not looking forward to it at all of course.
And I waited until the last minute…

-JF 22 months ago

JadedForeverI'm Crushed -

Well that didn’t take long did it?

My SO managed to ruin dinner for me/us.
And we were doing so well too.

Sometimes you can say things about yourself but you don’t want to hear it from other people.
And it’s not exactly what I said, that’s not so important.

But he truly hurt my feelings & he didn’t even say sorry yet.

He said “That’s why you don’t have any friends”
Really? Nothing hurts me more than that.
I try to make friends I really do.
I’m a nice person.
I don’t know why it doesn’t happen in my real-life.

He made me feel like such a loser…
A loser with no friends & no one to talk to about it even.
I’m crushed once again.

I know that you guys mean well, but please don’t defend my SO it only makes me feel worse…

Edit. 22 months ago

JadedForeverHappy Father's Day? -

Don’t get me wrong.
I love my Dad!
I’m grateful to have him!

But Father’s Day is just making me sad…
I really don’t want to call him & have an awkward conversation with him.

I am trying to muster up enough courage to call him anyway!

The secret is not mine, but I can totally relate.
I could have written it myself… (I’m sorry for you too whoever you are)

Picture credit – Postsecret 22 months ago

JadedForeverJust Listen -

Having an important talk with my SO & he was really listening to me!
He was trying to be supportive!
This makes me very happy!

Today I’m hopeful that things can get better!

-JF 23 months ago

JadedForever2 Steps Back -

Spoke too soon.

Tried to have a conversation with my SO tonight.
It did not go well.
Now I’m hurt & he’s (I don’t know).
I have a headache & I feel like crying…

I just want him to care & love me, I’m not even sure that he does.
He doesn’t act like he does.

LOVE is not supposed to be like this…
-JF 23 months ago

JadedForeverJust OK -

Not sure what to think.
Our appointment with the therapist went OK.
I was hoping for more, but at least it didn’t go badly.

I was surprised by a few things I heard while I was there.
Not a good surprise.

I’m OK today!
I want to be so much better than OK though!
I will keep working on it!
I just hope that he is willing to work at it too!
-JF 23 months ago

JadedForeverHmm -

My SO is more attentive this week!
I’m not complaining, I like it of course!

But the timing seems interesting since he is coming to counseling with me this week.

I hope it lasts whatever the reason is!
-JF 23 months ago

JadedForeverFamily -

Yeah, it’s complicated.

One of my siblings finally got back to me!
After I had reached out to them!

They called me yesterday & we talked!
I let them know how good it was to finally be able to talk to them!
-JF 23 months ago

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