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make five new friends in 2006

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what would memily do?3, 4, 5 + 6.

I LOVE MELBOURNE. Cat, Evan, Amanda and Mel. Miss them already and I’ve only been home for two days. 7 years ago

what would memily do?1 + 2: Trev and James.

Why is it always that things happen when you’ve almost given up on them, or when you’re not consciously geared up for them?

I met Trev and James at Something for Kate’s gig at the Tivoli on Thursday night. They were up from Melbourne, following the band around their SEQ shows. We met while waiting around to say hi to the band after their gig. It came up in conversation that all three of us were headed for the Buderim gig on Saturday, them by public transport, me in a car by myself.

So, we met up on Saturday morning and spent the whole weekend driving around and generally being awesome. I just put them on their plane back to Melbourne! I miss them already! 7 years ago

what would memily do?THIS IS GOING SWELL!


Maybe I’m putting too tight a lid on the definition of friend in my mind. I’ve made a handful of new friends over the internet (on 43things, livejournal, the threadless forums) this year but none of those “let’s hang out a couple of times a month” friends and those are the ones I desperately want! 7 years ago


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