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LoveTheRainI'm giving up on this one

Well, not for life but for now. Today I spent time on “patch work” – I fixed up one area of the house where I was going to add curtains such that I don’t think it needs it anymore, and I bought store bought curtains and installed them for the other spot. The rest is going to be fine as-is. I am still keeping the sewing machine set up, but I do not have any projects in the works and am not planning to start any. I guess we’ll just see what happens and try to do this again in the future. 3 years ago


Now that the sun is out I really want those nice little curtains. I have to make some progress on this… but I know it won’t be this month. :( 4 years ago

LoveTheRainOkay, so nothing for eleven months...

And it looks like nothing for another few as well. I’m not sure when this will fit in my life. Maybe April? 4 years ago

LoveTheRainTime to go sew on a button

It is on my list for today. It’s next! I am using the machine and I am counting it!! :) 5 years ago

LoveTheRainWell... I mended a sweater

I think that sort of counts. Also, I went to a fabric store. The dream is not dead!! 5 years ago

jupe77I figured out why I don't sew enough...

first, I don’t like the cutting-out part because I don’t really have enough room.

Solution: do layout and cutting at work on the big conference room tables at lunchtime.

Second, I don’t like actually sitting at the sewing machine or doing the set-up part. So I’ve started sewing by hand instead. I pretend I’m a couturie! 5 years ago

LoveTheRainGiving up

On my current project that is. I think I will just scrap the cut pieces and store the pattern. I really need to do some curtains. Now… to just find the time to do those. 5 years ago

LoveTheRainTwo projects

So I really need to make some curtains… my husband brought this up again as I have put it off for almost a year. I think I know what style to follow but I just need to do it. However, first I should probably finish the shirt I started a while ago… or just scrap the idea. I have put a note in my calendar that I need to either scrap it or be close to finish it by July 4th. 5 years ago


Absolutely no time to sew. And my bedroom is too untidy to find my sewing stuff. 6 years ago

LoveTheRainGot a small project done

Fixed a pair of pants. I’d say that counts. 6 years ago

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