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Andrea409A swatch?

I wonder what it is called in sewing when you practice and learn on a teeny piece of fabric. In knitting, it is called a swatch, so I shall present it thusly. Regardless of its name, I went to Jo-Ann’s last night and bought a pre-cut, pre-packaged little bit of fabric in a pretty yellow and gray chevron pattern. I just adore chevrons, and I just adore bright, cheery yellows. This pretty fabric will make my practice work even more fun, I think. I’ll try to find some time today to start practicing.

The nice lady at Jo-Ann’s told me I should practice folding the edge over, not once, but twice, and sewing a straight line using the little foot (is it a foot? I can’t recall.) on the machine as a guide. I believe this will wind up being a hem, and I think this sounds thrilling, even a bit intimidating; but I’m determined to master this sewing gig. I shall be victorious in this timeless battle of man vs. machine! 2 weeks ago

Andrea409A sewing machine of my very own!

Yesterday while wandering through the fabric section of Hobby Lobby, I mentioned that I really want to make some curtains for the apartment. My fella responded that he is going to buy me a sewing machine! We’re still trying to pay off student loans and have been sticking to a budget. But he said he sold one of his guitars and was going to buy me a sewing machine with the money. It was supposed to be a surprise, but he was so excited he spilled the beans.

I’m a lucky, lucky lady, indeed. :) 13 months ago

Andrea409Located a sewing machine

So, that’s one hurdle down. My sis-in-law found her old sewing machine (that she hasn’t seen in over 10 years) buried in a box at her mom’s place. We took a look at it. Neither one of us has a clue how to actually use the thing. This is one thing I doubt I can teach myself from watching youtube. But it sure is worth a shot, isn’t it? 23 months ago


The machine arrived yesterday and I have been testing it before I commence making my curtains.

While doing using an old pair of trousers to test my machine “skills” I opened an old box my Mother left to me as a kid when she died, it had all of her sewing “stuff”, needles, buttons (which I used to be fascinated by as a kid) and other things I have no idea the name of…oh and an old pack of Rizlas…looked like the packet was used for a roach…haha! she was so Religious but I guess the pain became too much, oh well, whatever.
I used some of the thread to fix my trousers and suddenly it just washed over me, as corny as it sounds, after all these years she was still helping me, I remember watching her sewing as a kid and I remembered so many things while fixing these “dumb” trousers.

That sewing box was the only thing she had that she that she knew would be useful to me at some point that would be her still looking out for me.

A friend of mine came round for dinner last night and was at first mortified when I said I am going to use the thread but I’m sure she didn’t understand and she can be a little sentimental about objects but it comforts me to know when I make my curtains that a little of my mother is there… 4 years ago


Well the machine arrives tomorrow, hope it gets here before I leave for college or it will be Saturday before I see it… got most of the material together, so should be good to go within the next week. 4 years ago

drivereightNeedle and thread

Just bought an electric sewing machine, waiting for it to arrive and I’m going to make myself some heavy duty winter curtains! Can’t really afford the machine but it’s now or never! 4 years ago

liveandlovex12Gettin Crafty

I really wish I was creative! So one goal is to get ready for my first apartment next year! The look is a girly, shabby look. Lots of scrolls, weathered whites with pops of robins egg blue, cream-yellow, and baby pink! I want floral prints, lots of bow, a little girl’s dream dress-up room. I’m starting with the curtains… They might be layers of different sheers…that would look cool maybe! With the loops being made out of big bows! 5 years ago


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