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I surprised FI with a picnic! I had to let him in on it the night before because he was trying to make plans. He’s always commenting on how he wishes we went on more picnics!

This one might need a redo though. Being the klutz that I am, I also managed to trip and fall while walking down the stairs to the picnic location. Skinned my knees pretty bad and was moody for half the picnic. :(19 months ago

RachaelNo. 16

Erik likes owls. I found a vintage clock online and it looked like just the kind of thing he’d enjoy. When it arrived I got it set up at the right time and put it in the place our regular, boring clock was. When Erik came home from work, he didn’t notice straight away, then later on I heard from the kitchen “What on earth!” :) 23 months ago

RachaelNo. 15

I bought Erik the Rubber Soul album for Beatles Rock Band. Not a very romantic surprise, I agree, but he liked it. 2 years ago


Yesterday while at Shea’s to see Les Miserables, FI really wanted one of the big cookies that they sell at their concession stands. He was out of cash and since we had a huge dinner I said I wouldn’t get him one (cause I’m mean like that lol). When he went to use the restroom I jumped in line for a cookie and surprised him with it when he came back to meet me. The look on his face was priceless. :) 2 years ago


Yesterday, I went to my parents’ to work on my Halloween costume. On the way my gramma and I stopped to pick up my brother from the high school and FI car was there (he helps out with the Marching Band). I tore off a piece of an envelope that was just laying in the car and jotted down a quick note and left it under his wiper. :) 2 years ago

RachaelNo. 14

I made Erik a sweetie pie. It was crazy sweet, but he liked it :) 2 years ago


Number five and a name change. :)

Fiancé gave up alcohol for 90 days. Not because he has a problem with it, but just to prove to himself that he could have the discipline not to. The end of his 90 days was the first day of our Disney trip. He kept saying how he couldn’t wait to have a nice cold beer in Epcot and was disappointed that we weren’t going there until day three.

I surprised him with a six pack of his favorite beer the first night. I had my mom smuggle it down for me. And he enjoyed a bottle while sitting near the window in our villa, looking over at Downtown Disney. :) 2 years ago

RachaelA helpful website

This place has plenty of cool ideas :) 2 years ago


A short little note in his lunch box with the lunch that I made him. :) 2 years ago

RachaelMay have to change this goal to 'husband' soon

As I have far too much to do to think of another 30 surprises before we get married. I would have liked to have completed this goal before then, but what with everything else that needs to be done, it will have to wait. 2 years ago

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