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MarkI going back

I made my decision. I’m going to go back to Dive school. 20 months ago

MarkThinking of trying again....

If I were to even start this process again I need to train for the baseline.
I need to accomplish the following.
30lb tread with fins IWPs
I need to learn how to scuba dive
Run a sub 10 1.5 mile
tread water egg beater with weight for 30 mins
be a life guard
get a degree 1 year ago

MarkWell this is at close to the bottom.

I was dropped from Dive Prep two months ago. My soul is broken when it comes to my hopes and dreams. I will need time to rethink my life. 1 year ago

MarkI swam 25 meters sub surface in one breath. 8/27/2011

My work out began first by getting off a 12 hour night shift from the ER. Then I pounded some Jack3d to work my upper body out then I hit the pool. After about ten minutes of swimming. I decided to push myself. “Over unders” I heard people call it. Swim over the water to the end and then swim under the water on the way back. I’ve always tried to this but I fail almost every time. But this time it was different. I went to go under, swimming only half way. I finish to the end. I freestyle on the way back. I try again. I get a little bit further. I tried maybe 5 or 6 more times. Each time getting closer to the other end in one breath. Then I told myself I’m not leaving until I get to the other end in one breath. Every time I go subsurface I try to calm down and relax, while I breath out slowly. Then finally I get to the other end in one breath. I hit the wall with my hand then I raise the other high in the air as I accomplishing I hidden goal.

In dive school its 50Meters subsurface in one breath. So its little steps 2 years ago


I want to be a Navy Diver. I must pass all evolutions in Pre-Dive Great Lakes,Il. I must pass all evolutions in Panama City, Fl. I must pass all my tests to become a Navy Diver and Dive Medical Techincian. I want a better life for myself. I want a job where I can work hard and play hard. I want co-workers I can trust with my life.
When I have my DMT pin on my Chest I have accomplished my goal.
Yes. I have orders to Great Lakes, Il for February 2012
Yes. Anything is possible. To be better than myself. I know I can be better than what the Navy has already given me.
I have 5 months. Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan To prepare. 2 years ago


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