Go for early morning walks when the world is quiet

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an Early Morning Walk at 5:45 this morning. It was dark and sometimes I got a few drops of rain. It was good.
The city was coming to life. Already. 18 months ago

runwimEarly morning walks

or EMWs sometimes happen, if I succeed to get up early. As I’m living close to a major railway station, even at that time ppl are rushing to catch their train to work, but once I get a little further it’s all quiet and peaceful. Love the birdsong in those hours, before traffic noise takes over. 2 years ago

BlueFernWell... not so early!

I went for a walk in the afternoon.
It snowed early so I waited for most to melt. :) 2 years ago


Went for a walk again but it was not early morning. 2 years ago

BlueFernI did this on January 1st, but I want to walk more often in the early morning.

This is a nice goal. :)
I once had this habit, but now I want to work on this again. 2 years ago

SophiaMermaidI love doing this.

It’s magic. 2 years ago


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